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When should you switch to a trusted freight management software?

As business owners, what moves you to act quickly? An unplanned business situation, an opportunity to take a business leap, or maybe a new addition to your services? Every company wants to execute decision-making but only a few can evaluate the consequence before any decision. Being mindful of your capabilities and having the right tools helps in making quick decisions.

Being reactive in business, especially logistics and freight forwarding could be disastrous and even cause long-term damage. Companies wanting to go past their competition require a careful analysis of their tools and processes. Before it's too late, look out for signs that you're in dire need of a makeover freight and logistics management software and the supporting processes. To help you understand if it is time to upgrade your logistics, here are some pointers.

Lack of complete visibility to act faster

Due to the interdependency of processes and the involvement of multiple parties, visibility is paramount. In the logistics industry, making sense of information can change the way companies progress. If your documentation team isn't aware of a missing document at customs, your shipment clearance may get delayed. Compare it with auto-notification at the time of document upload about the missing documents. This will help not just save time but also ensure compliance.

Inability to be flexible and agile

The cost of purchasing software for freight is usually a deterrent to business owners. To make this choice easier, logisticians can take a modular approach. All-in-one-freight forwarding and logistics solutions like Logi-Sys from Softlink Global offer the below modules:

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Inland transportation

  • Warehouse Management System

  • Sales and services

  • Financial Management

  • Customer Visibility Portal

  • Customs and Regulatory

This makes it more manageable to get started on understanding the benefits of technology as you upgrade all your business functions eventually.

Limited capacity to serve customers

According to your budgets and long-term goals, you can set up the IT infrastructure required to start using your freight software solution. Cloud technology makes it convenient for using software-as-a-service and spending only on the consumed storage and services. For an expansion of your business - would you not want to understand what's fetching you the most revenue and which areas need tweaking?

Know your business performance and customers better with:

  • Historical information in real-time via dashboards and graphs

  • Performance KPIs of your functions

  • Your top-paying customers

  • Most profitable trade lanes

The danger of data loss

As technology is making lives easier for businesses, there is also a rogue side to it. According to the 2020 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, during COVID-19, 4 in 10 IT leaders reported that their company experienced more cyber attacks. The work-from-culture assured businesses did not come to a standstill. But along with it, came the perils of using dated technology. Desktop software stores data on a single system, leaving it vulnerable to crashes and data corruption. Moving onto cloud technology for freight software relieves you from the dangers of lost data.

Automation enables smarter decision-making

In a recovering economy, technology helps processes become cohesive to strengthen your business. Right now is the perfect time to be proactive and fortify your business. Pushing the decision to upgrade your solution for a later time may not turn out to be regretful if disaster strikes. Upgrade to Logi-Sys today, and understand why logisticians have trusted it for over two decades.



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