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Freight Forwarding Management Solution

Freight Forwarding Software is designed to facilitate freight forwarders and NVOCCs to manage their end-to-end operations from Anywhere, Anytime from a centralized database.

Freight Forwarding

The Freight forwarder software solution covers all inbound and outbound air and sea freight forwarding, NVOCC and consolidation operations with a simple and user friendly interface.

Inbound Operations from Receipt of Pre-Alerts to Delivery Orders and Outbound operations from Bookings, Consolidation, Shipping, to Revenue Management can be handled efficiently by the software. The freight management software is integrated tightly with all the other modules enabling seamless flow of information, doing away with data re-entry, while allowing department profit centers to be maintained. The advanced freight system manages all documentation requirements like master and house BL/AWB, manifest etc. It provides comprehensive reports and MIS that can be emailed directly from the software.

The entire operational accounting is automated covering all revenue aspects like recording of expenses, and invoicing, ensuring that you don't miss out on recovering all the expenses. The freight management system simplifies key decision making with its comprehensive reporting system and enables informed decision making with its intuitive reporting.

Air Freight

Complete Air cargo management including all the necessary documentation like Air waybill (AWB), House Air Waybill (HAWB) etc. for total control over your operations.

  • Booking

  • AWB & HAWB, Direct, Consolidation and Back To Back Shipments

  • Domestic Shipment

  • AWB / HAWB Stock

  • Flight Schedule

  • Airline Commission

  • Incentives, Commission & Profit Sharing

  • Direct Posting in Accounts

  • Shipment Forms, MIS Reports, User Configurable Documents

  • Auto Pre-Alert to Affiliate Company for shipment

  • Operation/Financial Locking System

  • e-AWB

  • WIN Integration (For WCA Members)

  • AES (For US Customs)

The air freight management module is designed to meet all the requirements for processing shipments, right from booking to settlement of payment.

It is tightly integrated with other modules so that all information flows from operations to billing and client reporting seamlessly.

Sea Freight

Comprehensive Sea cargo management includes all the necessary documents like Bill of Lading (BL), House Bill of Lading (HBL) and, Manifest etc.

  • Booking

  • Direct BL & HBL, Consolidation and Back To Back Shipments

  • Domestic Shipment

  • Vessel Sailing Schedule

  • Container Load Plan, Container Tracking

  • Freight Rates (Buying / Selling / Quotation)

  • BL / HBL Charge Schedule

  • Direct Posting in Accounts

  • Auto Pre-Alert to Affiliate Company for shipment

  • Shipment Forms, MIS Reports, User Configurable Documents.

  • Operation/Financial Locking System

  • Online Bookings/ Shipping instructions Link

  • WIN Integration (For WCA Members)

  • AMS (For US Customs)

  • AES (For US Customs)

  • ISF – 10+2 (For US Customs)

Fully integrated with other modules it gives complete control over your operations from booking to billing.

The entire accounting flow is automated, covering all aspects of Revenue Operations with seamless information flow from operations to billing and client reporting.


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