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Freight Forwarding Management Solution

Logi-Sys empowers you with a freight forwarding management solution that optimizes efficiency and accuracy across your operations. Elevate your logistics management to new heights with our user-friendly software designed to streamline and simplify end-to-end forwarding processes.

Efficient Inbound & Outbound Operations.png

Efficient Inbound & Outbound Operations

From receipt of Pre-Alerts to Delivery Orders, and Bookings to Revenue Management

Efficient Operational Accounting.png

Efficient Operational Accounting

Automated operational accounting that covers all revenue, expenses and invoicing aspects

Advanced Documentation Management.png

Advanced Documentation Management

Requirements like master and house BL/AWB, manifest, etc. are managed in a simplified manner

Reports & MIS For Decision-Making.png

Reports & MIS For Decision-Making

Detailed, email-ready reports and MIS provided directly from Logi-Sys facilitate optimal decision-making

Seamless Integration.png


Close integration with other modules ensures smooth information flow and eliminates data re-entry

Air Freight Management

Efficiently manage air cargo operations with these features

Booking & Documentation.png

Booking &


From Air Waybill (AWB) to House Air Waybill (HAWB), Logi-Sys offers complete control over documentation, ensuring precision in operations

Manage Shipments Worldwide.png

Manage Shipments Worldwide

Easily handle both domestic and international shipments through our customizable solutions

Comprehensive Reporting.png



Gain insights into flight schedules, airline commissions, incentives, and more through our intuitive reporting system

Streamlined Operations.png



Experience streamlined air cargo management, including comprehensive documentation. Features like direct consolidation, and back-to-back shipments are efficiently managed

Integration and Reporting.png


and Reporting

WIN integration for WCA members, e-AWB, AES for US customs, and user-configurable documents and reports

Sea Freight Management

Handle sea cargo operations with precision and ease

Booking & Documentation.png

Booking &

Manage crucial documents like the Bill of Lading (BL), House Bill of Lading (HBL), and manifests

Integrated Operations.png


Experience a streamlined sea freight process, from direct BL & HBL to consolidation and back-to-back shipments

Vessel & Container Management.png

Vessel & Container Management

Stay updated with vessel sailing schedules, container tracking, and more for smooth operations

Financial Advantages.png


Manage freight rates, BL/HBL charge schedules, direct account posting, and operation/financial locking systems

Integration and Compliance.png

and Compliance

Includes WIN integration for WCA members, online booking links, and compliance features for US customs like AMS, AES, and ISF-10+2

Manifest Filing for Air and Sea Freight with Logi-Sys

Streamlining your air and sea freight operations through direct and efficient manifest submissions

Direct Data Transfer

Send Freight Shipment/Consol data directly from our application to respective customs, eliminating any redundancy.

Independent Submissions.png

Broad Global Scope

Seamlessly handle manifest filings for the US, Canada, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Fiji, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, and Panama, among others.

Wide Array of Declaration Formats.png
Direct Data Transfer.png

Independent Submissions

Declare air and sea freight manifests to any customs without relying on third parties.

Broad Global Scope.png

Wide Array of Declaration Formats

Equipped to support US-AMS, AES, ISF, Canada-ACI, Japan-JP24 (AFR), Philippines Manifest, Singapore Customs Permit Filing, Fiji Manifest, and several others for comprehensive air and sea freight operations.

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