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Streamline Customs Filings via Direct Integration with ICEGATE

Move away from traditional customs filings with Logi-Sys’ direct integration with ICEGATE - making your customs filings are faster, clearer, and more reliable.

What’s New? Customs Filings Before vs Customs Filings With Logi-Sys

Direct Feedback Loop.png

Direct Feedback Loop

Before: Guessing game with submission statuses.

With Logi-Sys: Immediate confirmation, no more guesswork.

Speedy Customs Clearance.png

Speedy Customs Clearance

Before: Long waits for customs clearance.

With Logi-Sys: Quick processing times, get to market faster.

Consistent & Reliable Submissions.png

Consistent & Reliable Submissions

Before: Inconsistent processes causing disruptions.

With Logi-Sys: Smooth and reliable submissions, keeping your business moving.

Enhancing Your Business Operations

Real-Time Status.png

Real-Time Status

Instant acknowledgments for immediate clarity on submission status

Reduced Uncertainty.png

Reduced Uncertainty

Greater submission reliability for smoother business operations

Faster Clearance.png

Faster Clearance

Quicker customs processing for expedited cargo release

Uninterrupted Service.png

Uninterrupted Service

Continuous innovation and 24/7 support ensure seamless business continuity

Beyond Software: A Partnership for Success

Embracing a Software with a Service model, Softlink Global always strives to offer more than just software solutions. With comprehensive 24 x 7 omnichannel support, we become your true technology partner, ensuring you are able to manage your work and teams in a smooth, uninterrupted manner.



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