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Goods-in to Goods-out- Get complete control and visibility

The Warehouse Management solution can efficiently micro-manage warehouses with small orders to large complex warehouse operations and enable smooth collaboration between supply chain providers and partners.

WMS Solution

The warehouse management solution with powerful stock management and monitoring features handles single or multi-warehouse operations.

The Warehouse management system allows complete inventory control of:

  • Multi-Warehouse

  • Advance Ship Notice

  • Bay Allocation

  • Stock Management

  • Internal Transfer Tracking

  • Inventory Forecasting

  • Ownership Transfer

  • Goods Repacking

  • MIS

  • Barcode & QR code scan

  • Customer Visibility Portal

  • Mobile App access

The easy-to-use integrated system can handle all your warehousing operations as a service or as a separate business function.

It allows you to manage all kinds of warehousing functions, from Stock Receipt, Bay Allocation, Storage, and Stock Visibility, To Resource Monitoring and Management.

The Warehouse Management software interfaces with the transportation, freight forwarding and other modules and facilitates maximum resource utilization whilst providing complete visibility across the operation.

It can be integrated with electronic communication devices to ensure real-time information and complete visibility of operations.

The transactional and storage revenue aspects are automated, ensuring that all revenue-related information is captured automatically in the integrated Billing and Financial Accounting modules.


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