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Strong financial control of your freight forwarding business with built-in financial accounting

Manage receivables, and payables, track revenue flow & cash flow and outstanding with the most powerful accounting module ever designed for freight forwarding.

Financial Accounting

Integrated with all aspects of your operations, the Financial Accounting module is a powerful tool that gives you enterprise wide financial control.

An enterprise-level multi-company, multi-currency accounting module with powerful receivables, payables, cashbook, job costing and general ledger functions

  • Directly Postings From Operations

  • All Bank/ Cash Transactions

  • In-Built Approval System

  • Credit limits For Customers


  • E-invoice

  • Month Lock

  • WIP/Accrual System

  • Batch Payment, Batch Receipt

  • Invoice Cancellation

  • Revenue Recognition

  • Auto Bank Reconciliation

  • Inter-branch Accounting

  • MIS Reports, User Configurable Documents, Tax & Cenvat Register

  • Remittance

  • Tax Management (Local Taxes and Withholding Tax)

  • Integration with Standard Global Accounting Systems

The module handles the complete accounting needs of your freight forwarding enterprise till finalization and ensures the flow of all revenue-related information from operations, automating the entire accounting process.

It supports multi-company, multi-currency transactions. All receivables & payables and bank/cash transactions are directly posted in accounts. Operational costs can be managed with the built-in features and can be controlled with the approval system.

Helps in regulation of credit limits of customers, revenue realization and performance of individual cost centers / branches can be controlled, managed and monitored with the easy to use interface.

Complete Tax Management including Local Taxes and Withholding Tax can be automated.

Statement of accounts and Balance Sheet along with on-demand statements, reports and cost-sheets can be generated and dispatched automatically via email.

The module can be linked with many other standard global accounting systems.


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