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Strong Financial Control Of Your Freight Forwarding Business With Built-In Financial Accounting

Designed to meet the unique challenges of the logistics industry, Logi-Sys’ robust Financial Accounting Module enables you to manage your receivables, payables, track revenue flow, cash flow, and outstanding transactions with high precision and efficiency.

Optimizing Financial Outcomes



Harness the power of an accounting module integrated seamlessly across all operations, offering expansive financial command.



Automate the entire accounting process, ensuring accuracy and real-time updating of revenue-related information from operations.

Regulated & Efficient


Effortlessly manage operational costs, regulate customer credit limits, and monitor branch performances with intuitive tools.

Cutting-Edge Features Driving Growth

Comprehensive Management Systems



Conduct borderless transactions with a robust multi-company, multi-currency accounting solution tailored for freight forwarding

In-Built Approval System.png

Approval System

Set and regulate credit limits, ensuring sustainable revenue streams



Tackle tax intricacies with precision using our advanced tax management tools

Efficient Bank & Cash Management.png

Direct Postings from Operations

Sync financial data directly from your operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy

WIPAccrual Tracking.png


Maintain clear visibility of ongoing work and expenses with advanced tracking


Efficient Bank & Cash Management

Centralize and streamline all bank and cash transactions for optimal clarity and control

Advanced Reporting & Integration

Automated Reporting

Generate and share diverse reports, from balance sheets to cost analyses, at the click of a button.

Global System Integration.png
Automated Reporting.png

Global System Integration

Link effortlessly with renowned global accounting platforms, ensuring broader operational scope and compatibility.

Security & Data Accuracy

Automated & Secure Reconciliation

Safeguard your finances against discrepancies with our automated bank reconciliation.

Month Lock & Batch Processing.png
Automated & Secure Reconciliation.png

Month Lock & Batch Processing

Secure monthly data and enjoy streamlined batch processing for optimal accuracy and control.

Deeper Financial Insights

Revenue Recognition

Get a clear picture of your financial standing with automated revenue insights.

Integrated MIS Reports.png
Revenue Recognition.png

Integrated MIS Reports

Dive deep into your financial landscape with insightful MIS reports, paving the way for informed decision-making.

Get In

Ready to streamline your financial management processes?

Contact us at business@softlinkglobal.com or fill the contact form to explore more. Experience the future of freight management with Logi-Sys

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