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Let Your Freight Keep Forwarding with Ease

Automate, integrate and streamline core freight forwarding and logistics operations together with the most advanced technology partner


Truly Cloud

Logi-Sys is truly a cloud-based application that requires no server maintenance or heavy IT Infrastructure overheads. The pay-per-use subscription model further reduces the cost of usage.


Modular Application

Logi-Sys is modular by nature, which makes it possible for businesses to pick and choose modules that best serve their Business Requirements. Customers have the additional flexibility to add Supplementary modules as and when the need arises.


Scalable & Extensible

The architecture of Logi-Sys makes it highly scalable and extensible to meet the future needs of your organization. It is capable of evolving and constantly adapting to the changing needs of the industry with minimum impact creation for your business.



Document Management or the eDocket feature ensures a virtually paperless office by storing all documents electronically. The system can automatically capture, scan, classify, store, index, and retrieve documents, quotations, and invoices against their respective shipment, job or company.


Single Database

The single database structure of Logi-Sys allows access to the same information to all stakeholders, governed by the permission and the grants configured by the system admin. This ensures no dual entry of data, saving time and improving productivity.


Alerts & Notifications

Reports Scheduler automatically dispatches Alerts, Notifications, and Reports to your customers at pre-defined intervals. Users can configure customized tracking milestones and notifications for each customer.



Logi-Sys has a built-in checker and maker system, which can be configured to facilitate transactions only on approvals from authorized personnel. It also provides Auto Email escalation for transactions that are pending approval.

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Team communication

Logi-Sys helps in Internal Communication by creating a Repository for disseminating and sharing knowledge within the organization. This enables internal stakeholders to Share, Compare, Consult, Discuss, and Broadcast Messages among themselves.



Dashboards display important information and statistics on various aspects of your operations and the company performance identifiers in summarized and detailed form. This enables transparency and control across the enterprise.


Seamless Data Exchange

Logi-Sys is designed to keep in mind seamless documents and data exchange with all major stakeholders part of any shipment transaction, be it agents, shippers, consignees, liners, ports or any other LSP.


Reporting & Analysis

The robust reporting system helps users to analyze their respective functions, obtain customizable reports, and view graphical MIS.


Your Own Customer Portal

With Logi-Sys, you can white-label our customer visibility portal per your brand guidelines, making sure to give your customers a personalised experience. On the portal, you can provide functionalities like booking, tracking, sharing documents, requesting payment, and giving complete visibility.



TradeChain acts as a middle layer between your Logi-Sys and any other platform. This enables you to integrate and interface with any logistics management system, making sure seamless data exchange and connectivity.


Reporting & Analysis

Interface with your country-specific rules and regulations system and deploy Logi-Sys across boundaries without any integration concerns.


Strategic Automations

Logi-Sys is up to date with various ML and AI tools, which can add massive automation to your operations. Automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual data entry at every step.  


Logi-Sys Scales with You as You Grow

Our primary goal is to digitalize the traditional freight forwarding and logistics management processes by providing an integrated, one-stop solution to Logistics Service Providers. A completely cloud-based SaaS promising increased productivity, control and profitability for your business.

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