All-in-one Integrated Freight Management Software gives you the flexibility to work on any verticals including, sales, operation, accounting, warehouse, transportation, and customs filing from anywhere on a user-friendly interface.

Cloud (Web) Application

On-Demand purely web-based application requires no installation, thus helping in reducing IT Infrastructure overheads and frees users from other aspects such as Maintenance, Upgrades and Information Security, etc. The pay-per-use subscription model further reduces the cost of usage.

Modular Application

Logi-Sys is a Modular application that makes it possible for businesses to Pick and Choose modules that best serve their Business Requirements. Customers have the additional flexibility to add Supplementary modules as required.

Scalable & Extensible

The architecture of Logi-Sys makes it highly Scalable and Extensible to meet the future needs of the organization. It is capable of evolving to constantly adapt to the changing needs of the industry with minimum impact to existing system functions.

Single Database

The single database of Logi-Sys allows you to access data from anywhere from the same database, so information that’s entered once is available to the stakeholders involved. This accelerates your operational efficiency by reducing manual errors and time that arises while re-entering data.

Document Management

Document Management ensures a virtually paperless office by storing documents in their electronic form/images. The system can automatically capture, scan, classify, store, index, and retrieve documents, quotations, and invoices against their respective shipment or company.

Alerts & Notifications

The Auto Reports Scheduler is a tool that enables to configure automatic dispatch of Alerts, Notifications, and Reports to be sent to the customers at pre-defined intervals. Users can configure Customized Tracking Milestone and Notification to Customers.


Logi-Sys has a built-in Checks and Balances System which can be configured to facilitate transactions only on approvals from authorized personnel. It also provides Auto Email escalation for transactions that are pending approval.