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Purchase Order Management

Links Purchase Orders with the respective shipments so that each shipment can be tracked right until delivery, allowing you to adhere to the dispatch schedule and Delivery Time-Lines.

Optimize supply chain of your customers with the Purchase Order Management module

  • Manage and Track PO

  • Linking Respective Shipments

  • Tracking right until Delivery

  • Adhere to Delivery Time-Lines

  • Track of PO Status

The module helps you to manage and track the Purchase Orders (PO) on behalf of the Shipper/ Consignees to ensure smooth Delivery of the shipments.

The purchase order module is integrated with other modules to ensure a smooth data flow. Shippers and Consignees can track the status of the Purchase Orders through the Visibility Module.

You benefit from greater control, operational effectiveness throughout the supply chain, and real-time visibility of all activities.


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