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A Crane Lifting a Container

Elevate Your Cargo Movement with Logi-Sys AFS & CFS Modules

Maximize the efficiency and functionality of your air and container freight stations with our superior software solutions.

Dynamic AFS & CFS Features

Revamp the way you operate and manage your air and container freight stations for greater efficiency and productivity

Cargo Handling Mastery

Harness the potential of Logi-Sys to facilitate efficient loading and unloading of diverse cargo types from aircraft and containers.

Consolidation & Deconsolidation Control

Experience seamless consolidation from multiple sources and efficient deconsolidation upon arrival, all through our integrated system.

Streamlined Storage Solutions

Leverage short-term storage facilities to synchronize operations, whether awaiting further movement or customs processing.

Enabling Seamless Transitions in Global Logistics

Customs & Documentation on-the-go.png

Customs & Documentation On-The-Go

Navigate customs procedures, manage crucial documents, and ensure compliance with international standards, wherever you are

Value-added Services Access.png

Value-added Services Access

From repackaging to quality checks, ensure your cargo's readiness for its final destination directly from your mobile device

Coordination Excellence.png


Strengthen coordination among various stakeholders, from airlines and customs to ground transport, ensuring smooth operations.

Comprehensive Financial Tracking

Operational Expense Monitoring

Track every penny spent in the operations of your AFS & CFS, optimizing for better efficiency.

Revenue Recognition & Oversight.png
Operational Expense Monitoring.png

Revenue Recognition & Oversight

Monitor growth, identify revenue streams, and boost profitability with our advanced modules tailored for AFS & CFS operations.

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Contact us at business@softlinkglobal.com or fill the contact form to explore more. Experience the future of freight management with Logi-Sys

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