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All-In-One Logistics Management Platform for Seamless Efficiency

Integrate all your freight and logistics operations

Optimize | Control | Streamline


Freight Forwarding

Take care of all your land, sea and air freight forwarding activities


Warehouse Management

Manage the complexities of warehouse ins and outs


Customs Clearance

Ensure customs compliance, filing and declaration for all your shipments


Financial Accounting

Assures robust accounting and invoicing processes, along with accurate taxation and audit


Transport Management

Keep track of all your truck transport-related shipment movement


Sales & CRM

Capture every lead, convert them to prospects and deliver unmatched customer service

See Logi-Sys In Action

Watch the video to learn how Logi-Sys can help your business enhance productivity, control workflow, streamline operations and, above all, help you provide better customer experience than your competitors.

How Logi-Sys Adds Value To Your Logistics & Freight Forwarding Operations

Increased efficiency & enhanced automations

Avoid doing repetitive tasks and rely more on automation, ensuring faster job turn-around time and more business opportunities.

Seamless data exchange with agents, shippers, ports, shipping lines and airlines

It's time to move on from disintegrated systems that do not talk to each other or depend on multiple portals. Let's start interfacing to the entire logistics ecosystem from one software. 

Real-time milestone updates and shipment tracking, be it air or sea

Logi-Sys is connected with liners, fetching live tracking and updates. No need for manual data entry or constant follow-ups.

Multiple geographies and offices, diversified operations, one solution

Work from anywhere/home with Logi-Sys and manage and control Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehouse, Transport, and Customs operations from a single database & integrate it seamlessly with CRM, Billing, & Financial Accounting across branches and countries.

Link operations with accounts  for complete financial control

No freight forwarding business can flourish without strong control over finances. The integrated workflow between operations and accounts enables seamless invoicing and revenue capturing. 

Business intelligence powered dashboards and detailed reports

Logi-Sys can collect and integrate data across functions, and operations within and outside the organization, supported by technologies, processes, and technical experts to provide visibility, analytics, speed, reliability, and transparency within the entire operations.

Trusted by 1500+ freight forwarders and logistics service providers

40+ Countries

Implemented and used globally, compatible with various taxations

50,000+ Users

Trust Logi-Sys to execute their freight and logistics operations

Logi-Sys Expert

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Elevate your freight forwarding and logistics operations with Logi-Sys- All-In-One solution

See what Logi-Sys customers say

Image by Barrett Ward

Mirko Knezevic, COO- Europe & Asia, UTC Overseas

"I am sure that Logi-Sys will help us not only to integrate and streamline our operations which are spread across the globe but also empower management to make informed decisions."
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  • What is freight forwarding software?
    Freight forwarding software is a vital tool in the modern-day logistics industry, helping freight forwarding companies solve end-to-end global supply chain challenges. It's a software application streamlines freight operations by allowing various stakeholders to manage end-to-end functions. Forwarding software includes various modes like Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehouse, Transport, and Customs. The software helps share information about cargo movement with forwarders and their customers in real time. Easily manage shipments, customs clearance documentation, accounts, and finances on a single platform. The software provides numerous functions such as booking, documentation, tracking, and reporting. With these capabilities, freight forwarders can easily manage their operations and provide their customers with efficient service.
  • What is logistics software?
    Logistics software is a technology application that simplifies the entire logistics process for businesses. The software enables logistics companies to manage their entire supply chain efficiently, from inventory management to order processing and delivery tracking. Logistics software provides numerous functionalities – such as freight forwarding, order management, warehouse management, transportation management, and last-mile delivery – that help businesses plan, organize, and execute logistics operations. Logistics software can improve efficiency across the logistics process by providing real-time tracking, reducing manual errors, automating repetitive tasks, and enhancing data accuracy. It also allows businesses to streamline logistics operations, save time and money, and better meet customer expectations. It is a complete end-to-end solution that ensures businesses can coordinate and execute logistics operations efficiently.
  • What are the benefits of logistics software?
    Logistics software helps automate repetitive tasks, reducing manual errors, and enhancing data accuracy. By automating labor-intensive tasks such as warehouse management, order processing, and transportation management, businesses can save valuable time and increase efficiency. Logistics software provides real-time tracking capabilities, enabling businesses to track and monitor their inventory, orders, and deliveries. This visibility allows businesses to quickly identify any issues and make necessary corrections, reducing delays and improving customer service. Logistics software can help businesses optimize logistics operations, from inventory management to delivery routes, reducing costs, and improving profitability. Logistics software helps businesses meet customer expectations by providing accurate, up-to-date information on orders and deliveries. This improved visibility enables businesses to provide better customer service, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Why do we need freight forwarding software?
    Freight software streamlines the entire shipping process in the freight industry as it. In today's fast-paced global environment, where customers expect quick and efficient service, freight software helps ensure that goods are transported efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively. Freight software automates critical tasks, enabling companies to save time, reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency. It streamlines the shipping, handling, and tracking of goods, so companies can focus on core business activities. Improve cargo visibility in transit, enabling logistics companies to keep track of shipments, identify delays, and make necessary changes easily. Real-time tracking capabilities of freight software give businesses the location and status of their shipments, letting them communicate with customers and ensure that deliveries arrive on time. Freight software offers automated billing and invoicing, reducing overhead costs and increasing profits.
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