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Reliable & Secure Adherence to US Customs Regulations

Navigate US customs regulations with our comprehensive customs management system, designed for precision, speed, and security.

Automated Export System (AES) Integration

Digitally streamline your US exports for maximum efficiency

Seamless Data


Electronically send export shipment data to US Customs, reducing manual errors and repetitive data entry through our customs management software.

Efficient AES Transmissions

Validate shipment data against customs regulations and associate the ITN number for ease of reference with our customs filing software.

AMS: Ensuring Compliance with US Ocean Manifest

Minimize time and maximize accuracy with the Ocean AMS solution

Simplified Declarations.png


Submit cargo declarations efficiently to the AMS at US Customs, with inbuilt validation procedures through our customs broker software

Real-time Error Detection.png

Real-time Error

Identify and rectify fields that don't meet validation before transmitting data, ensuring hassle-free compliance

ISF: Advanced Security Filings for Ocean Shipments

Ensure stringent security filings for all US-bound ocean shipments with 10+2 initiative

Certified ISF Features.png

Certified ISF

Transmit shipment data with ease to CBP, eliminating dual data entry errors and speeding up the entire process

Automated CBP Notifications.png

Automated CBP Notifications

Stay informed as CBP notifications are directly saved within the corresponding shipment in our custom brokerage software

Denied Party Screening & Management

Maintain compliance with essential US trade regulations

Efficient Denied Party Checks.png

Efficient Denied Party Checks

Ensure individuals or companies with denied exporting privileges are identified immediately, safeguarding your operations

Admin Approval Functionality.png

Admin Approval Functionality

Add parties with a robust approval system, ensuring utmost compliance and security with our customs software

Known Shipper Functionality & ABI/ACE Integration

Enhance your shipping processes with intuitive functionalities

Streamlined Known Shipper Operations.png

Streamlined Known Shipper Operations

Easily identify and store known shippers with a simple click, further enhancing operational efficiency

Versatile Integration.png

Versatile Integration

Seamlessly integrate with the existing ABI system or partner with our US-based system, guaranteeing efficient third-party integrations with our customs broker software

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