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Empowering Businesses With

LogiBRAIN is a customizable data analytics and reporting tool that equips enterprises with relevant insights from vast datasets, supercharging their decision-making processes and fast-tracking them towards sustained success.


Understand What Your

Data Says

Systematically unearth the treasure trove that is your data, and extract valuable insights that set you on the correct trajectory.

Explore Data Under

One Roof

LogiBRAIN’s complete compatibility with Logi-Sys means that you do not have to leave the ecosystem for insights.

Take Better Decisions,


Real-time insights on your desk assist your experience and intuition, helping you take higher-quality decisions in lesser time.

Guided Recommendations Backed By Data Analysis

Some powerful functionalities that enable you to arrive at the best conclusions

Overview Dashboard

Open LogiBRAIN to find an Overview Dashboard covering Monthly Performance, Branch Performance, Performance by LOB, Trade Lane, and more

Advanced Filters.png

Intel on Hover

Interactive charts and graphs display relevant information when hovered upon, providing fingertip access to all required information

Overview Dashboard.png

Advanced Filters

Slice and dice the data by Transport Type, Transaction Type, Currency, Country, Branches, Time Periods, and more

Intel on Hover.png


Diagnose the root cause of any event of concern or get granular insights for a data point of interest by deep-diving into it in a simple click-and-dig manner

Obtain A Holistic Perspective Of Your Business



  • Customer Growth & Revenue Performance

  • Customer Last Shipment Analysis by Duration

  • Sales Person Performance

  • Performance by Origin Port (Import)

  • Performance by Origin Port (Export)

  • Performance by Destination Port (Import)

  • Performance by Destination Port (Export)



  • Shipments by Mode of Transportation

  • Shipments by Consol Type

  • Performance Matrix

  • Top 10 Destination Ports by Shipments

  • Carrier Performance

  • Shipments Trend

Financial Analysis

  • Revenue - Estimated vs Actual

  • Revenue by Transport Mode

  • Top Debtors

  • Top Creditors

  • Ageing Payable

  • Ageing Receivables

  • Invoice Amount (HC) by Customers

Shipment Analysis

  • Customer Shipment Wise Performance

  • Tradelane Wise Shipment Breakup

  • Line of Business Wise Shipment Breakup

  • Branch Wise Shipment Breakup


Experience Integrated Logistics Reporting

See LogiBRAIN in action. Schedule a free demo with our solutions consultants

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