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Optimize Your Document Handling with Logi-Sys OCR

Rely on the advanced capabilities of Logi-Sys OCR feature to seamlessly transform scanned PDFs into fully editable and searchable digital content, thereby infusing efficiency into your document management processes.

Efficient and Intelligent Document Management

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Data Extraction

Instantly convert scanned documents into actionable, editable data within Logi-Sys

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Text Editing
Made Simple

Eliminate the need for retyping. Directly edit from the extracted text and save precious time

The Value of OCR in Modern Logistics

Improved Productivity

Achieve significant cost efficiencies with reduced manpower requirements

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Simplified Billing

Experience simplified billing and transparent fee structures

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User-Centric Design

Our OCR solution is stable, reliable, and designed with the user in mind

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Improved Productivity.png

Error Reduction

Minimize manual transcription errors and reduce the burden of manual document management

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Bulk Shipments Made Easy

Efficiently handle large shipments and bulk consignments

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ROI & Future-Ready Tech

Benefit from great ROI value and embrace a technology that's ready for the future



Interested in transforming your document management process with Logi-Sys OCR?

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