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Streamline transport performance and profitability

All-in-one TMS is designed to facilitate logistics collaboration and streamlines the entire process flow to deliver better service to your customers, Increase Supply Chain Transparency, Visibility, and Improve Efficiency.


The Transport management module, with its powerful features, allows you to handle your entire Local Transport operations in an efficient and well-organized manner.

The Transport management software allocates drivers, trailers and vehicles for every container leg with on-the-road job transmission and truck-to-base real-time status updates on

  • Pick-up

  • Trip Planning

  • Route Planning

  • Proof of Delivery

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Vehicle Inventory

  • Fleet Management

  • Tariff

  • MIS

  • Mobile App

All aspects of your transport operations, like bookings, fleet management and resource planning, are covered by the integrated module that allows you to run the transport department as part of your service or as a separate business function.

It cohesively integrates with freight forwarding, customs broking, warehousing, and other modules and handles every aspect of your operation, from pickup, trip planning, and route planning to delivery.

You can easily manage your fleet, drivers and resources using the advanced software features.

Interface with electronic communications systems and mobile communication devices allows you to keep track of information in real time.

The accounting aspects are taken care of with the automatic recording of operational expenses and revenue, enabling complete financial management.


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