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Logi-Sys has been delivering end-to-end solutions for a variety of business needs over the years. Our customers advocate for us; hear directly from them.

In these difficult times with regards to lockdown & other restrictions imposed because of Corona Virus, the system has benefited us much due to easy access from remote locations.

Alan Kiel T. Irlanda

Vice President / General Manager, Kline Logistics, Philippines

I am sure that Logi-Sys will help us not only to integrate and streamline our operations which are spread across the globe but also empower management to take informed decisions.

Mirko Knezevic

Global COO, UTC Overseas

We were users of Softlink’s desktop applications for years together, and only chose to migrate to their cloud based “Logi-Sys” after evaluating other available options. The cloud based application we knew Logi-Sys will go live well before the new financial year begins.We believe that Logi-Sys compliments our objective to provide high quality service to our premium clients at no additional costs.

AM Rajan

Managing Director, Suraj Forwarders

We appreciate and honoured to be associated with Softlink. We are continuing our normal business and connected across locations even during this worldwide locked down period.

Vandana Guleria

Executive Director, INEXT Logistics, India

We both have the end customer in mind and are looking to achieve the same goals. Softlink engineered Logi-Sys delivers performance enhancement capabilities that help reduce costs by simplifying processes.

Ravi Shah

Director, Liladhar Pasoo

We knew that only the power and strength of a centralised IT system could cater to the ever increasing demands of our customers. Achieving those deliverables in time would keep us ahead of the competition. The decision to move to ‘Logi-Sys’ was solely based on the advanced features it had. This would help us to enhance customer experience vis-a-vis their desktop variants, which are still used by many of our competitors.

Suraj Rajan

CEO, Suraj Forwarders

ATC Global Logistics

Mr. Shantanu Bhadkamkar, MD at ATC Global Logistics, shares his thoughts on his long-standing relations with Softlink Global:

Cargo Marketing International

Zubin Sangani, Director, Cargo Marketing International, speaks about how Logi-Sys is a single integrated platform that has helped his company boost efficiency and manage operations in 8 locations. Zubin also talks about Logi-Sys’ ease of usage, its reporting and approval capabilities, real-time data and visibility obtained, and more. Hear from Mr. Zubin in the video: 

Geetanjali Enterprise

One of the companies dealing in pharmaceutical air exports during the turbulent pandemic phase, Geetanjali Enterprise faced heavy operational challenges. Parshuram Badi, Director, Geetanjali Enterprise, shares his experience on how Softlink Global provided a cloud-based solution that helped them achieve same-day delivery, scale up, and more:

Jaguar Shipping

Tony Fernandes, Managing Director, Jaguar Shipping, speaks on how Logi-Sys offers superior Customs Compliance solutions, integration capabilities and customer support. He also makes an interesting observation about how the expertise of our Founder, Amit Maheshwari, has been instrumental in developing a robust solution like Logi-Sys.

Triple Take: 3 Valued Customers Share Feedback

Industry leaders share their insights on the transformative impact of Logi-Sys on their operations. Here we have Mr. Sameer Kakodkar, Director of Shobha Prompt Services, Mr. Mihir Bhadkamkar, Director of ATC Global Logistics, and Varun Gupta, Business Development Manager at Aargus Global Logistics highlighting Logi-Sys' operational efficiency and role in improving their business management processes.

Clearfast Air Cargo Agencies

A decade-old customer, Sushant Kulkarni, Director at Clearfast Air Cargo Agencies, lauds the end-to-end capabilities of Logi-Sys and recommends it to not only forwarders and CHAs but also shippers and clients.

Brown Bull Group

Mihir Deshpande, Director at Brown Bull Group, discusses how Logi-Sys is an evolving application that is working on incorporating AI as well. He also notes the user-friendliness of the system and its strong emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction

Worldline Logistics

In his role as the Director of Operations & Sales at Worldline Logistics, Leslie Swamy recounts his sustained collaboration with Softlink Global, emphasizing the remarkable customer support provided to him over this period:

VNS Logistics

Shobha Verma, Director, VNS Logistics, praises Logi-Sys for its effective implementation and support processes, emphasizing the excellence of its reporting system as a fundamental tool for identifying business improvement areas.

Combined Logistics Solutions

Cutting through complexity, Logi-Sys offers C-suite leaders like Vineet Chadha, Managing Director at Combined Logistics Solutions, a clearer path to daily management. Hear from Mr. Chadha himself:

Ashcon Logistics

Ashcon Logistics Directors Mr. Siju Varghese, Mr. Vaibhav Ughade, and Mr. Rahuul Malve applaud Logi-Sys for its significant impact on both financial efficiency and the precision of their reports:

Clearfast Air Cargo Agencies Pvt Ltd.

Miss Veena Rajguru, Director at CLEARFAST AIR CARGO AGENCIES PRIVATE LIMITED, shares her positive experience with Logi-Sys' dedicated support team and highlights its robust data security measures. She praises Logi-Sys' 24/7 customer support, recalling a crucial instance where they swiftly resolved a GST issue, ensuring seamless operations.

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