Sales and Service Application

The Sales and Service application can manage the entire sales life-cycle right from the Marketing Campaigns, Revenue Targets, Leads and Opportunities to Client Acquisition, implementation and Customer Service.

Sales and Services

An effective Marketing, Sales and Customer Service management system, the Sales and Service module helps you drive your business acquisition & growth and customer satisfaction strategies.

The feature packed Sales and Service module has been designed especially for Logistics Service Providers.

  • 360 Visibility

  • Campaigns

  • Forecasting

  • Budgeting

  • Lead Management

  • Inquiries

  • Rates and Tariffs

  • Quotations

  • Tracking Customer Interactions

  • Alerts

  • Visit & Meeting Planning

  • To-Do List

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • Opportunity Conversion Report

  • Executive Wise Sales Report

  • Sales Person’s Performance Report

Marketing Campaigns, budget and strategies can be managed in an efficient manner and the success of marketing efforts can be measured along with the ROI.

The sales and service module handles all sales activities like Inquiry, lead management, quotation, tariff & rates and booking. The system helps in tracking and monitoring the activities of the sales personnel, allocate tasks, and manage the prospects and sales pipeline. It allows quotations to be generated based on various parameters.

The intuitive system covers all customer touch points. It records all customer interactions including the responses of staff, enabling you to keep track of the company's responsiveness and ensure effective customer service.