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Forge Stronger Customer Bonds with Sales & CRM Solution

Enhance your business acquisition, growth, and customer satisfaction strategies with Softlink Global's Sales and Customer Service solution designed for Logistics Service Providers.

Comprehensive Sales & Customer Service Management

Our freight CRM helps shape your business's growth and

customer strategies with precision.


Sales Journey

From Marketing Campaigns to Customer Service, experience 360-degree visibility.


for Logistics

A dedicated CRM system, especially designed for Logistics Service Providers.



Manage your campaigns, budgets, and strategies efficiently, and measure the success of your efforts along with the ROI.

Detailed Customer Acquisition & Retention Tools

With our CRM for freight forwarders, every customer interaction is an opportunity

Lead and Opportunity Management.png

Lead and Opportunity Management

Capture and nurture leads effectively with our Inquiry, Quotation, and Tariff & Rates tools

Performance Tracking.png


Monitor the activities of your sales personnel, with tools like the Executive Wise Sales Report and Sales Person’s Performance Report

Enhanced Customer Interaction.png

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Record all touchpoints, including staff responses, for improved customer service and satisfaction

Dynamic Sales Planning & Monitoring

Revolutionize your sales approach with our

logistics CRM features

Strategic Sales Tools.png

Strategic Sales

From Forecasting to Budgeting, our system ensures you're always ahead in the market

Sales Activity Tools.png

Sales Activity

Keep track of your sales lifecycle with features like Visit & Meeting Planning, To-Do Lists, and Opportunity Analysis



Dive deep with Opportunity Conversion Reports and other strategic insights

Intuitive Customer Service Interface

Our CRM for logistics ensures your customers always leave with a smile

Complete Customer Tracking.png

Complete Customer Tracking

From initial inquiries to ongoing interactions, have a bird's eye view of every customer's journey

Real-Time Alerts.png


Stay updated with instant alerts, ensuring timely responses and actions

Robust Response Metrics.png

Robust Response

Assess the company's responsiveness, ensuring impeccable customer service with every interaction

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Ready to take your customer relationships to the next level?

Contact us at business@softlinkglobal.com or fill the contact form to explore more. Experience the future of freight management with Logi-Sys

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