Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team is ready to assist you in any inquiry regarding our product, technology, compliance, and others related to the Logistics and Freight Forwarding Industry.

What is Logi-Sys?

Logi-Sys is an End-to-End, web based application for Freight Forwarders and Logistic Service Providers (LSP) including Customs House Agents (CHA). It is comprehensive, Modular, Scalable and Extensible software which combines the functions of a LSP into one unified system.

What are the different modules in Logi-Sys?

Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearing, Transit Warehouse, Transportation, Visibility, Billing, Financial Accounting, Purchase order Management (POM) & Sales and Service.

Does Logi-Sys manage the entire freight forwarding operations?

The Freight Forwarding modules manages the entire Air & Sea Freight Export & Import like Quotations, Bookings, Stock Management, Manifest, Labels, Bills of lading & Airway bill, Consolidation, CAN and DO with exhaustive reporting and Track and Trace facility.

Can I buy the modules separately?

Yes. You can buy the modules that suit your current business operations. More modules can be added as and when required.

Will I be able to use it across my branches?

Logi-Sys being an enterprise level web based application, it can be used anywhere across the globe.

Does Logi-Sys support any Custom Compliance formats for USA?

Logi-Sys is currently equipped to support AES (US Exports), AMS (US Manifest) and ISF (10+2 Security Filing for US).

Does Logi-Sys have ABI/ACE Integration?

Logi-Sys can be easily integrated with your current ABI system if desired, else the same would be provided via our partner system, based out in US itself. Logi-Sys, having a standard EDI interface, guarantees any third party integration to be very effective in terms of quality as well as time.

Can I integrate Logi-Sys with my current system?

Yes. Logi-Sys is equipped with a standard EdI interface, using which integration with any third party system can be achieved with ease.

What are the options for buying Logi-Sys?

You can buy the license software and deploy it on your own IT infrastructure located at in your office or at the service provider. Alternatively you can also opt for a cloud.

Can I deploy Logi-Sys in my own server?

Logi-Sys can be hosted in your server or alternatively in the server of your service provider as required by you.

What other options are available?

It can also be made available on cloud by paying monthly cost of per user.

Can customizations be made in the software?

Logi-Sys facilitates customizations. It can be done after a techno-commercial analysis of your requirements.

Is it compatible with all browsers?

Logi-Sys is compatible with all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera).

Can I provide online tracking to my client?

Yes. You can integrate it with your corporate website to provide online tracking to your clients. Logi-Sys Mobile App gives flexibility to your customers to track their shipments in real-time through customer visibility portal.

Who can I contact to get more details?

You can write to business@softlinkglobal.com or Visit the Contact Information page to call us.