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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions that we often encounter regards to Logi-Sys

What is Logi-Sys?

Logi-Sys is an End-to-End, cloud-based application for Freight Forwarders and Logistic Service Providers (LSP), including Customs House Agents (CHA). It is a comprehensive, Modular, Scalable and Extensible software that combines an LSP's functions into one unified system.

What are the different modules in Logi-Sys?

Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearing, Transit Warehouse, Transportation, Visibility, Billing, Financial Accounting, Purchase order Management (POM) & Sales and Service.

Does Logi-Sys manage the entire freight forwarding operations?

The Freight Forwarding module manages the entire Air & Sea Freight Export & Import operations like Quotations, Bookings, Stock Management, Manifest, Labels, Bills of lading & Airway bills, Consolidation, CAN and DO with exhaustive reporting and Track and Trace facility.

Can I buy the modules separately?

Yes. You can buy the modules that suit your current business operations. More modules can be added as and when required.

Will I be able to use it across my branches?

Logi-Sys, an enterprise-level cloud-based application, can be used anywhere globally.

Does Logi-Sys support any Custom Compliance formats for the USA?

Logi-Sys is currently equipped to support AES (US Exports), AMS (US Manifest) and ISF (10+2 Security Filing for US).

Does Logi-Sys have ABI/ACE Integration?

Logi-Sys can be easily integrated with your current ABI system if desired; else the same would be provided via our partner system, based out in the US itself. Logi-Sys, having a standard EDI interface, guarantees any third-party integration to be very effective in terms of quality as well as time.

Can I integrate Logi-Sys with my current system?

Yes. Logi-Sys is equipped with a standard EDI interface, using which easy integration with any third-party system can be achieved.

Can customizations be made in the software?

Logi-Sys facilitates customizations. It can be done after a techno-commercial analysis of your requirements.

Is it compatible with all browsers?

Logi-Sys is compatible with all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera).

Can I provide online tracking to my client?

Yes. You can integrate it with your corporate website to provide online tracking to your clients. Logi-Sys Mobile App gives flexibility to your customers to track their shipments in real-time through the customer visibility portal.

Whom can I contact to get more details?

You can write to or Visit the Contact Information page to call us.


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