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Freight Forwarders, Here’s How To Achieve Total Control Over Your Operations (Blog 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, we saw how Logi-Sys, an all-in-one solution for freight forwarders helps freight forwarders achieve total operational control by providing

  • Complete Air Freight Management

  • Complete Sea Freight Management

  • Strong Financial Accounting Control

  • Robust Sales & CRM System

In this blog, we’ll look at how Logi-Sys also helps in

  • Customs Compliance - India and USA

  • Transportation Management

  • Warehouse Management, and

  • Purchase Order Management

Let’s begin:

Customs Compliance - India and USA

Expect hassle-free Custom Broking Operational control here. Logi-Sys facilitates regulatory compliance that includes customs shipment registration and submission of compliant customs entry documentation. All your necessary documents required for import and export procedures are available to forwarders in electronic format, ensuring that your cargo is custom-compliant while eliminating troubles like heavy paperwork.

More details on how Logi-Sys streamlines customs processes:

  • Document preparation and electronic data submission of documents

  • Calculation on payable taxes and duties

  • Updates on the latest regulatory changes

  • Receival of Daily Status Reports (DSR)

  • Job Approval System, Job Tracking Alerts & Notifications, Job CostSheet, and automation of Job Expenses among other related operational activities to plug revenue leakage

  • Integrable with local customs compliance systems of other countries for documentary requirements

Customs regulations and compliance regarding the USA include:

  • Plug-in Automated Export System (AES)

  • AMS: US Ocean Manifest

  • ISF: 10 + 2 Security filings for US-bound ocean shipment

  • Denied Party Screening

  • Known Shipper Functionality

  • ABI/ACE Integration

You can read about all of the above in detail on the Customs Compliance page.

Transportation Management

Built for local transportation handling, freight forwarders can use the Transport Management module within Logi-Sys to either offer as part of their integrated services or as a separate business function. The Transport Management module can be used by freight forwarders to

  • Plan pickups, trips, and routes

  • Track truck-to-base in real-time via e-communication and mobile communication

  • Undertake automated financial management. All costs and revenue are recorded automatically within the system

  • Undertake vehicle inventory and fleet management

  • Allocate drivers, trailers and vehicles for every container leg with on-the-road job transmission

  • Issue Proof of Delivery

and more

Learn more about the Transportation Module.

Warehouse Management

Quite like the Transportation Management system, this module allows freight forwarders to operate it as a separate service or as an integration with other Logi-Sys modules. Integration does provide benefits as it captures all warehouse-related revenue information automatically within the integrated Billing and Financial Accounting modules.

With Logi-Sys’ Warehouse Management, freight forwarders can:

  • Handle both single and multi-warehouse activities

  • Execute efficient shipping, receiving, stocking, picking, space management and throughput

  • Avail Barcode & QR Scan Code for optimal stock management, in addition to conducting inventory forecasts

  • Receive alerts on exceptions. A Customer Visibility portal for customers to track necessary information such as inventory records is available

  • Manage advanced ship notice, ASN, Goods Receipts, GR, Inventory Management to Invoicing and .csv uploads

  • Receive assistance w.r.t Bay Allocation and Internal transfer Tracking

and more. In a nutshell, this WMS will help you streamline your warehouse management processes, right from product order to shipment/dispatch

Read more about Warehouse Management

Purchase Order Management

The primary purpose of this module is to link Purchase Orders with their respective shipments for end-to-end tracking.

  • Both shippers and consignees can track the Purchase Orders

  • Adherence to delivery time-lines is improved

  • Real-time visibility of activities right until delivery, resulting in assurance and customer satisfaction

Learn more about Purchase Order Management


Softlink Global has been serving LSPs for 3 decades. We have been at the forefront of tech-based solutions in the logistics domain, and continue to lead Indian LSPs towards a digital future.

How about viewing Logi-Sys yourself and discussing its merits for your business with our consultants? If interested, kindly fill in the contact form and we’ll revert.



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