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e-Sanchit - Fast and Accurate Customs Compliance from Logi-Sys

Updated: Apr 3

Since more than 2 decades, Softlink Global has been at the forefront of bringing in innovation in logistics. As our users are aware, the majority of Bill of Entries and Shipping Bills in Indian Customs are filed through Softlink Global’s applications, Logi-Sys and Live Impex. We are proud to state that we are undisputed leaders in the market, and the reason why we are in this pole position since decades is because our applications are always updated and ready to meet the latest compliance guidelines - from AMS, AES, ISF, ACI, JP24 (AFR) - from Singapore Customs Permit Filing to Philippines, Fiji, Bangladesh, Srilankan and Jamaican Manifests, the list of our international compliance keeps increasing. 

Introducing e-Sanchit Automation

Focusing on bringing features that help Freight Forwarders and Customs House Agents optimize their daily work processes by working in a digital-first manner, Softlink Global is proud to bring e-Sanchit Automation to users. e-Sanchit Automation is an add-on to Logi-Sys, the all-in-one cloud platform for logistics management. The infusion of e-Sanchit to Logi-Sys helps your business streamlining filing processes better than ever before, ensuring full compliance and maximum efficiency.

Here’s a Look at e-Sanchit Features:

  • Document Filing: Users can now process multiple signed documents accurately and consistently. No constraint of uploading 1 document at a time

  • Instant IRN Generation: Users are able to generate and attach the IRN to the corresponding customs job automatically

  • Smart File Management: Files can be adapted and resized to meet exact compliance specifications

What are the Benefits of Choosing e-Sanchit Automation?

  • Ease of Use: Simplified, step-by-step submission takes away the complexity and hassle of complicated submissions

  • Documentation Integrity: e-Sanchit facilitates easy retrieval and real-time tracking of documentations

  • Optimized Workforce: The heavy lifting of manual processes is passed on to e-Sanchit Automation, leaving productive time for teams to brainstorm and strategize on bigger, more important things

  • One-Stop Filing Process: Previously, there was a dependency on multiple applications like ICEGATE. Now, the entire process is covered under one Logi-Sys roof

Helping You Stay Ahead

Advancements like e-Sanchit Automation demonstrate Softlink Global's role as a pivotal player in logistics automation. By continuously infusing our offerings with the latest technological strides, we help our customers stay ahead of industry trends. Our commitment to customer-centric innovation continues with multiple value add-ons like LogiBRAIN, LogiTRACK, and more.

In essence, Softlink Global, through Logi-Sys, offers a visionary template for logistics operations, underlining a steadfast commitment to automation that propels the logistics sector toward a more efficient and agile future. As Softlink Global relentlessly adapts to evolving industry standards and technological developments, its core mission remains: to deliver superior, automated solutions that advance customer success in the ever-shifting logistics landscape.



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