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Elevating Logistics Efficiency: Discover the Latest Tech-Driven Add-Ons from Logi-Sys

Logistics and freight forwarding have become much more competitive and global than it was a decade back. The differentiation factor today lies in leveraging technology to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver superior customer service. 

To prepare forwarders and logisticians for not just the present but a future of seamless operational excellence, Logi-Sys, in addition to its core capabilities, now offers a suite of advanced value add-ons.

This blog briefly explains 8 such key value-add services that Logi-Sys provides, demonstrating how each integrates cutting-edge technology to offer tangible benefits and features to users.

The first 2 points are for users in India, and the rest are applicable for India and internationally as well: 

LogiBRAIN is Logi-Sys' answer to the complex demands of data analytics in logistics. This deep data mining portal offers customizable dashboards and configurable learning models for an intuitive performance analysis. Users can track revenue, volumes, and access ad hoc reporting capabilities, which together provide a comprehensive view of business operations. The integration of machine learning models offers insights for optimizing logistics processes, predicting outcomes, and identifying anomalies. LogiBRAIN empowers users to make informed decisions quickly, leveraging real-time data for strategic planning and operational improvements.

Addressing the crucial need for real-time shipment visibility, LogiTRACK offers a transparent and immediate overview of cargo status. This visibility portal enhances the connection between forwarders and their clients, providing up-to-the-minute updates on shipments. The result is not just enhanced trust between parties but also the ability to proactively manage shipments, leading to smoother operations and elevated customer satisfaction. LogiTRACK embodies the shift towards digital logistics, where information accessibility defines service quality.

OCR feature within Logi-Sys eases document management by converting scanned PDFs into editable, searchable digital formats. This capability not only streamlines data extraction but also simplifies text editing, eliminating the need to manually retype documents. Users can scale customs processing with instant population of line item data and other critical shipment related documents. Through seamless data extraction and purchase booking, vendor invoice automation can be initiated.

The implications of Logi-Sys OCR for productivity are significant, with reduced manpower requirements, minimized errors, and a more efficient billing process. The OCR feature exemplifies how technology can transform routine tasks into strategic advantages.

  • Container Track & Trace

Logi-Sys enhances its logistics management suite with the Container Track and Trace feature, providing end-to-end visibility over shipments. This feature automatically notifies users of status changes and updates milestones, reducing the effort and complexity of manual tracking. The result is a more controlled, efficient, and satisfying customer experience, underpinned by reduced errors and operational hassles.

  • TradeCHAIN

TradeCHAIN introduces blockchain technology into the Logi-Sys ecosystem, offering a low-code integration platform that connects Logi-Sys with external applications and services. This innovative approach ensures seamless communication across different components of the supply chain, whether they're located on-premises, in the cloud, or across various cloud providers. The benefits include enhanced connectivity, improved efficiency, and the ability to integrate with a wide range of supply chain participants, from ports and banks to carriers and warehouses.

e-Sanchit Automation is designed to simplify and accelerate the customs clearance process. By automating document handling, including auto-splitting, digital signing, and batch uploading, e-Sanchit Automation minimizes manual effort and errors. Instant IRN Generation ensures that customs documents are compliant and attached without delay, while Smart File Management optimizes file storage and retrieval. The benefits? Users save valuable time, enjoy simplified customs submission processes, and can rely on the integrity and availability of their documentation.

  • Direct Integration with ICEGATE

Direct integration with the ICEGATE portal stands out as a game-changer for customs filings. This seamless connection eliminates the uncertainties and delays often associated with customs declarations. Users benefit from immediate submission status updates, which not only speed up the customs clearance process but also enhance the reliability and visibility of submissions. This direct link ensures a smoother, more predictable customs handling experience, crucial for maintaining operational flow and satisfying compliance requirements.

  •  LogiTALK

LogiTALK brings conversational AI to the forefront of logistics operations, providing an intelligent chatbot that can communicate in multiple languages and access live shipment details. This feature offers 24/7 automated support, guiding users through processes, providing real-time shipment updates, and making data-driven recommendations. LogiTALK exemplifies the potential of AI to enhance customer service and operational efficiency, making complex logistics operations more accessible and manageable.

In summary, Logi-Sys not only provides a comprehensive platform for managing logistics operations but also enriches it with value-added services that integrate the latest technological advancements. These add-ons are designed to address specific challenges within the logistics and freight forwarding industry, offering solutions that enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and deliver superior customer service. Through these innovations, Logi-Sys positions its users at the cutting edge of logistics technology, ready to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

To learn about Logi-Sys and all these value add-ons in detail, connect with us at business@softlinkglobal.com for a demo



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