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Freight Forwarders, Here’s How To Achieve Total Control Over Your Operations (Blog 1 of 2)

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Freight forwarding is anything but a straightforward undertaking. From project initiation to completion, there are tons of complexities involved.

Managing these complexities can be chaotic, and, while ever-competent, freight forwarders might find themselves occasionally overwhelmed with this never-ending tide of work drifting in from all sides.

Is there a way to navigate this process seamlessly on a day-to-day basis?

Can total control over operations be achieved, without that becoming an added task in itself?

What other benefits does having total operational control give you as a freight forwarder?

Let’s explore:


The post-pandemic era has set the base straight: there is no total control to be had without involving technology. While the wrong technology (or the wrong implementation of the right technology) can prove burdensome, the right technology can liberate and empower the ‘total control’ journey.

Tech-based solutions for the logistics industry have developed rapidly, and have applications in data analytics, forecasting, route planning and optimization, transport and warehouse management systems, and more. But for the freight forwarder who needs to do everything, a single-roof, all-in-one business application is the ideal path forward.


Logi-Sys, a Softlink Global product, is one of the leading all-in-one freight forwarding solutions globally. With a customer base of +1500 across 45 countries, Logi-Sys continues to guide freight forwarders toward a more efficient and systematic method of working.

Here are the benefits of using Logi-Sys to manage freight operations:

  • Complete Air Freight Management

From flight booking, scheduling, and commissioning to document control like Air Waybill (AWB) and House Air Waybill (HAWB); from handling shipment forms, MIS Reports, and user-configurable documents to ironing out incentives, commission, and profit sharing rates, Logi-Sys meets all air freight requirements, right from booking to payment settlement.

Learn more about Air Freight Management.

  • Complete Sea Freight Management

Much like air freight, Logi-Sys’ sea cargo management solution provides control over everything, right from booking to billing. Freight forwarders, through Logi-Sys, can look at complete control over:

  1. Booking, Consolidation, Direct BL & HBL, and Back To Back Shipments

  2. Vessel Sailing Schedule, Container Load Plan, and Container Tracking

  3. Freight Rates

  4. BL/HBL Charge Schedule

  5. Auto Pre-Alert to Affiliate Company for shipment

  6. Online Bookings/ Shipping instructions Link

  7. WIN Integration (For WCA Members)

  • Strong Financial Accounting Control

Manage all receivables and payables through the immensely popular financial accounting system. Highlight features include:

  1. Multi-company, multi-currency transfers

  2. Transaction facilitation via approval from authorized personnel; auto-escalation emails in case of pending approvals

  3. Customer credit limit regulation

  4. Control over individual cost branches

  5. Automated tax management

  6. On-demand statements, reports, and cost sheets; auto-dispatch via email is also activated

  7. Provision to link with standard global accounting systems

  • Robust Sales & CRM System

True to its introduction of being an all-in-one freight forwarding solution, Logi-Sys also allows freight forwarders to undertake complete tracking of sales professionals and their activities, and facilitation of those activities, like tariff & rates, inquiry, quotation, lead management, and booking. Basically, the freight forwarder can manage the entire sales life cycle virtually.

Similarly, tracking and performance evaluation of marketing activities, implementing marketing strategies for customer acquisition, complete with budget calculations, is possible within the Logi-Sys ecosystem.

In a nutshell, all customer touchpoints and interactions from marketing and sales perspectives are optimized.

In addition to the 4 points discussed above, freight forwarders can use Logi-Sys for the following as well:

  • Customs Compliance - India and USA

  • Transportation Management

  • Warehouse Management, and

  • Purchase Order Management

You can read Part 2 here



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