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Customer Satisfaction: Achieving the Gold Standard in Freight Forwarding

Happy customers become your brand ambassadors, helping increase sales. Likewise, unhappy customers would tell more people about their unsatisfactory experiences.

Keeping your current freight forwarding customers happy is a good long-term strategy. And it's also cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones. Freight forwarders that achieve their customers' satisfaction thrive in a competitive industry. Allowing your customers to receive - what they want, when they want - relieves a forwarder's majority of customer satisfaction worries.

Being in control of your operations, finances, accounts, and sales and marketing only simplifies meeting your deadlines and data sharing with your customers. A proven freight and logistics solution takes the heavy lifting from you and helps keep your customers happy. Read on to understand the ways to keep your customers delighted.

Simplify and speed up the quotation process

Unbelievably, even some top freight forwarders take days to reply to a quotation for moving goods internationally. When your customers must wait such long times, you cause them inconvenience and almost certainly lose the prospect. How could you ensure better response time and a happy customer? A portal with integrated freight rates and carrier schedules allows your prospects and customers to instantly book their cargo online.

Information on demand

What better way to serve your customers than personal attention? You'll agree that tracking multiple shipments and their related details is challenging without the right processes. Your customers expect simplicity and ease in knowing their outstanding invoices or pending document submissions. Wouldn't it be convenient to let your customers access this information via a mobile app? Logi-Sys, an all-in-one freight forwarding & logistics management software, provides an app for instant and updated information about their business transactions with you.

Avoid fines by eliminating incorrect entries

Your customer ultimately bears the cost of any fines or penalties incurred when shipping cargo. Irrespective of the causes, adding unnecessary costs to your customer will dent your customer's satisfaction. Delays happen due to insufficient data or errors. Freight Forwarders that still rely on spreadsheets and manual data entries to generate invoices, entering the HS Code, Port of Origin, and discharge are prone to errors. These errors are avoidable by using a system designed for ease of use by Freight Forwarders. Logi-Sys can reduce up to 45 percent of the repetitive work. While working for your customers, you want to ensure the information supplied records accurately into the system. Making fewer manual entries leads to fewer mistakes and saves your customer from paying fines and severing ties.

Give your customers control of notifications

Not all customers would opt for or prefer logging onto a portal to know their shipment statuses. Some would prefer to know just important milestones and updates on the progress. Apart from the status reports, Logi-Sys also incorporates Workflow Management - a tool to define and enforce processes in your organization. Configuring milestones in Workflow shares progressive updates with your customers. The system handles the complete sending of auto-updates to customers via email, sms, or in-app.


Customer satisfaction is useful in establishing long-term business ties. Prioritizing your customer's needs strengthens the relationship. Every customer and their business has different needs. Understanding your customer's business needs gets easier with intelligent data insights and dashboards integrated with Logi-Sys. You can develop customer loyalty by providing valuable insights into their operations. Keeping things transparent helps attract and retain customers and keep them delighted.



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