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4 growth hacks for freight forwarders to drive higher profits

As logisticians and freight forwarders, you're always on the lookout for innovative ways to stay competitive. Any strategy implemented, whether tried and tested or a new one, takes a while to fetch results. If only increasing a business' revenue was as easy as flipping switches, growth would have been much simpler. But out of the ordinary, there are a few lesser-known ways by which you can achieve success sooner. Here we jot down some of the growth strategies that you can implement for destined success.


Disparate systems are the major reasons for delays in operation. Operational and functional information in traditional Logistics offices sits on systems that are old, slow, insecure, and incapable of data exchange. The result of readily-available data provides pathways of clear communication both within the organization and to external stakeholders. Freight management software allows real-time access to a centralized database so you can turn delays into speedy operations. Eliminate broken or repeated communication links with easy access to view task assignments and the current progress. Another significant advantage of real-time and in-sync data availability is faster decision-making.


Coordinating with different departments, following up on invoices, and providing customers with status and reports are activities a system must handle rather than doing manually. Make technology your friend for greater gains in your business. The industry players who adopted technology early on did not feel the jolt of the Covid-19 pandemic. Couple technology with your business functions to experience the power of automation. Among the things that technology can do for you include the following:

  • Reduce the redundant data entry

  • Handle auto tax calculation

  • Auto reminders for Outstanding payments

  • Generating Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading, E-invoicing, and other documents


In freight and logistics, demand is never constant. The slow period can see a peak in demand soon after. You'd need a system and strategies in place to manage the demand fluctuations. Cloud-based freight solutions give your customers access to your services all the time. Being web-based, the Logistics Software can be accessed via an Internet-enabled browser from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone app. Cloud Logistics solutions also give you the flexibility to add modules like Warehouse, Transport, Accounts, Sales, and Service as the need arises. Based on how you want to grow, you may choose the Cloud-hosted pay-as-you-go model and be relieved of acquiring any hardware at all. If you are an ambitious forwarder, Logi-Sys, the all-in-one freight forwarding and logistics management software, is the perfect solution that supports scaling according to your needs.


On average, it takes a shipper a couple of days to receive a complete quotation from a Freight Forwarder. To add to this excruciating delay, your potential leads have to follow up by phone or email to obtain the quotation. This puts off many shippers as there are much quicker and more convenient ways to do this.

Trusted solutions like Logi-Sys provide stand-alone and integrated portals for shippers via self-logins for:

  • Requesting shipping quotations

  • Confirming and booking of actual shipment

  • Submit and upload import and export customs compliance documents

  • Track and trace shipments

Empower your customers by providing them with information faster and the visibility of all progress.


Up your game against the increased competition by prepping for perceived trends ahead of time makes your business resilient. Logi-Sys developed by Softlink carries a legacy of over two-decade of domain knowledge & experience in digitalizing logistics & freight forwarding industry.



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