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Going Global? Manage Logistics Across Borders with Logi-Sys

Updated: Jun 26

As businesses in the freight forwarding sector aim to expand globally, they encounter a plethora of logistical challenges. From regulatory compliance across different countries to managing complex supply chains, the need for a robust logistical framework is paramount. Logi-Sys, developed by Softlink Global, is an all-encompassing cloud-based software designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of logistics operations worldwide.

Comprehensive Modules for Every Need

  • Freight Management

This cornerstone module of Logi-Sys offers a unified platform for managing air, sea, and land freight. It simplifies the entire freight process, from booking to delivery, enhancing operational transparency with real-time tracking and updates, thereby reducing delays and improving customer satisfaction

  • Warehouse Management

Critical for global operations, this module facilitates efficient control over inventory and order processing. It automates warehousing functions, from stock placement to retrieval, minimizing errors and reducing labor costs, which is vital for maintaining operational efficiency across international warehouses

  • Transport Management

Designed to optimize logistics routes, this module helps reduce transportation costs and enhance delivery reliability. It includes features for route planning, vehicle tracking, and maintenance scheduling, essential for ensuring timely deliveries in diverse geographic markets

  • Finance Management

This module integrates various financial operations such as invoicing, billing, and ledger management within the logistics workflow. It supports multi-currency transactions and ensures compliance with international financial regulations, facilitating smoother global trade operations

  • Sales and CRM

Enhances customer relationships through efficient management of customer interactions, sales tracking, and comprehensive customer service. This module is particularly beneficial for global businesses as it helps maintain a high level of customer engagement and satisfaction across different regions

  • PO Management

Logi-Sys streamlines purchase order management, from creation to closure. It ensures accuracy and timeliness in global procurement operations, which is crucial for maintaining supply chain integrity and meeting market demands promptly

Extensive Features for Global Operations

  • Real-Time Data Access

Offers users instant access to critical logistics data across all modules. This feature is essential for making informed decisions quickly, particularly in scenarios where time zone differences can affect communication and operational dynamics

  • Customs Integration

Automates and simplifies the customs clearance process by ensuring compliance with international trade regulations. This reduces the risk of delays and penalties associated with non-compliance, which is crucial for maintaining smooth operations in global markets

  • Rate Management

Allows businesses to manage and compare freight rates from different carriers efficiently. This feature helps in optimizing cost structures and enhancing service offerings by choosing the best options according to price, transit time, and reliability

  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual Support

Facilitates business operations in multiple countries by supporting various currencies and languages. This feature is vital for engaging with local markets and ensures that the software is accessible to users in different regions

  • Security and Compliance

Ensures that all data handled by Logi-Sys adheres to international standards for data security and privacy. This is crucial for building trust with global partners and customers and is essential for compliance in various jurisdictions

Value-Added Services

A powerful analytics tool that provides predictive insights and business intelligence. It helps companies forecast demand, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall strategic planning. This tool is particularly useful in international markets where understanding and anticipating market trends can provide a competitive edge.

Offers real-time tracking of shipments, providing businesses and their customers with up-to-date information on the whereabouts of their goods. This tool is invaluable for enhancing transparency in the supply chain and improving customer satisfaction.

Utilizes optical character recognition to quickly and accurately convert printed or handwritten documents into digital data. This speeds up data entry processes, reduces errors, and improves efficiency in handling international shipping documents

Integrated Solutions in Practice

Incorporating real-time data access across different time zones ensures that stakeholders remain informed and can make timely decisions, which is crucial for managing global operations effectively. Similarly, the rate management feature allows businesses to remain competitive by selecting the most cost-effective shipping options without compromising on service quality.


For businesses gearing up for global expansion, Logi-Sys provides a robust, scalable solution that simplifies logistics management across borders. With its comprehensive suite of modules and cutting-edge features, it prepares businesses to meet the challenges of international markets effectively.

Learn More

To explore how Logi-Sys can help your business manage global logistics, explore detailed insights on the Modules and Features pages.



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