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The Amazon Effect in Freight Forwarding: Navigating New Expectations with Logi-Sys

Updated: Jun 28

In recent years, the logistics and freight forwarding industry has been significantly influenced by the rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon. This phenomenon, often referred to as the "Amazon Effect," has transformed customer expectations, emphasizing rapid delivery, transparency, and exceptional customer service. This blog explores the impact of the Amazon Effect on freight forwarding, supported by an interesting DHL case study. We will also discuss how Logi-Sys, a comprehensive freight management software, can help freight forwarders meet these evolving demands.

Redefining Delivery Expectations: The Need for Speed

Amazon Prime's introduction of two-day shipping has set a new benchmark for delivery speeds, compelling other e-commerce platforms and logistics providers to accelerate their delivery processes. Consumers now expect faster delivery times, even for standard shipping options.

Exceptional Customer Service: A Non-Negotiable Standard

Amazon has set a high bar for customer service, expecting logistics providers to offer prompt responses, easy returns, and hassle-free problem resolution. The integration of sophisticated tracking systems and automated customer service platforms has become a necessity to meet these expectations.

Transparency and Real-Time Tracking

One of Amazon’s key innovations has been the introduction of real-time tracking and transparent communication throughout the delivery process. Customers now demand to know the exact status of their shipments at all times, which requires freight forwarders to adopt advanced tracking technologies and provide regular updates.

Transforming Logistics: DHL Express Adapts

In response to the changing logistics landscape driven by the Amazon Effect, DHL Express, a global leader in logistics, recognized the need to adapt early on to meet new customer expectations.

DHL embarked on a comprehensive strategy to enhance its network and services:

  • Network Expansion

DHL invested heavily in expanding its air and ground fleet, aiming to reduce transit times. This included a $360 million investment in the Americas, which expanded network capacity by nearly 30% and involved the development of new hubs, such as the large regional hub in Atlanta​

  • Time-Definite Delivery

The introduction of guaranteed delivery options by specific times was another key move, ensuring faster and more reliable services for customers.


  • Customer Satisfaction

DHL Express saw a 20% increase in customer satisfaction within the first year of implementing these changes​ 

  • On-Time Delivery

The on-time delivery rate improved by 15%, bolstering DHL's reputation for reliability​ 

Similarly, companies like FedEx and UPS have adapted to the demands of the Amazon Effect, setting new benchmarks for rapid delivery, transparency, and exceptional customer service. By leveraging technology and expanding their networks, these companies have not only enhanced operational efficiency but also significantly boosted customer satisfaction.

Logi-Sys: The Solution to Meet New Freight Forwarding Demands

Logi-Sys, a leading all-in-one cloud platform for logistics management, is designed to help freight forwarders navigate the challenges posed by the Amazon Effect. By leveraging advanced technology and comprehensive features, Logi-Sys enables companies to meet the expectations of rapid delivery, transparency, and exceptional customer service.

Accelerating Delivery with Logi-Sys

  • Automated Route Planning

Logi-Sys uses AI-powered algorithms to determine the most efficient routes, minimizing transit times and reducing fuel costs. This feature is crucial for meeting the demand for rapid delivery.

  • Real-Time Fleet Management

The software provides real-time visibility into fleet operations, allowing for quick adjustments to avoid delays and optimize delivery schedules. This ensures that shipments are delivered swiftly and efficiently.

Enhancing Transparency with Logi-Sys

  • Comprehensive Tracking

Logi-Sys excels in providing end-to-end visibility into the shipping process. The software's advanced tracking capabilities and real-time updates ensure that customers are always informed about the status of their shipments.

  • Proactive Alerts

Automated notifications about shipment status changes keep customers in the loop, reducing the number of inquiries and improving the overall customer experience.

Elevating Customer Service with Logi-Sys

  • Integrated CRM

Logi-Sys integrates customer relationship management tools, allowing companies to manage customer interactions efficiently and provide prompt assistance. This integration ensures that all customer information is readily available, facilitating quick and accurate responses.

  • Multi-Channel Support

The software supports communication across multiple channels, including email, phone, and live chat, ensuring customers can reach out through their preferred method. This multi-channel approach enhances customer satisfaction by providing flexibility and convenience.


The Amazon Effect has undeniably transformed the freight forwarding industry, setting new standards for rapid delivery, transparency, and customer service. To thrive in this new landscape, freight forwarders must embrace innovative solutions like Logi-Sys. By leveraging advanced technology and comprehensive features, Logi-Sys enables companies to meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring their success in a rapidly evolving market.

As demonstrated by real-world case studies and statistics, the adoption of Logi-Sys can lead to significant improvements in delivery speed, transparency, and customer satisfaction. By staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the changing demands of the Amazon Effect, freight forwarders can secure their place as leaders in the industry.



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