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Streamlining Customs Compliance with e-Sanchit Automation from Logi-Sys

Updated: Jun 28

At Softlink Global, we pride ourselves on leading the charge in logistics innovation, having served the industry with cutting-edge solutions like Logi-Sys and Live IMPEX for 3 decades now. As the market leaders in being a technology partner for customs compliance processes, we ensure that all Bill of Entries and Shipping Bills filed through our applications are compliant with the latest international guidelines—from AMS and AES to complex customs protocols across Asia, the Caribbean, and more.

Introducing Enhanced Efficiency with e-Sanchit Automation

In our continuous effort to empower Freight Forwarders and Customs House Agents, we have introduced e-Sanchit Automation. This Logi-Sys add-on streamlines your customs filing processes, ensuring compliance and maximizing operational efficiency.

Key Features of e-Sanchit Automation

  • Comprehensive Document Filing

Process multiple signed documents simultaneously, maintaining accuracy and consistency across filings

  • Instant IRN Generation

Automatically generate and attach the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) to the relevant customs job, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors

  • Intelligent File Management

Adapt and resize files to meet specific compliance requirements with ease

Transforming Customs Clearance with e-Sanchit Automation

The adoption of e-Sanchit Automation marks a significant leap towards simplifying customs processes. Here’s how it transforms your operations:

  • Ease of Use

Our step-by-step submission process eliminates the complexity of traditional customs filings

  • Documentation Integrity

Retrieve and track documents in real-time, ensuring complete documentation integrity

  • Optimized Workforce

Automate the labor-intensive parts of the filing process, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives

  • Unified Filing Solution

With e-Sanchit Automation, dependencies on multiple applications are a thing of the past. Manage all filings under the robust umbrella of Logi-Sys

Stay Ahead with Continuous Innovations

Softlink Global’ commitment extends beyond just being a technology partner; we aim to completely refresh the logistics management practices of businesses the world over, and also uplift the logistics industry through various initiatives. The integration of advanced features like e-Sanchit Automation into Logi-Sys exemplifies our dedication to innovation and customer-centricity. Alongside other value-added features such as LogiBRAIN, LogiTRACK, Direct Integration with ICEGATE and more, we ensure that our clients are always ahead of industry trends.

Opt for Streamlined Compliance

Are you ready to redefine your customs clearance operations? e-Sanchit Automation is not just a tool; it's your partner in achieving seamless compliance and operational excellence. Contact us today at business@softlinkglobal.com for an in-depth presentation and discover how e-Sanchit can streamline your logistics workflows.


Softlink Global remains steadfast in its mission to deliver superior, automated logistics solutions. Through Logi-Sys and e-Sanchit Automation, we continue to support our clients’ success, adapting to new challenges and technological advancements in the ever-evolving logistics landscape



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