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Shipper's checklist to find the perfect freight forwarder

Expanding to newer markets, and reducing your cost to ship cargo are just some of the benefits of a freight forwarder. Finding a good forwarder is just as important as finding a supplier. You could try to take up things yourself and get customs clearance, arrange transport, and make storage arrangements if necessary. This would keep you on top of things but you'd take a hit in two areas: lack of focus on your core business and decreased revenue.

With experience, forwarders develop close relationships with shipping lines, different modes of transport, custom agents, and even other forwarders. They help move cargo across borders with ease and at the best rates. By working with a forwarder, you save on costs and can bring back focus on business improvement and expansion.

You want a forwarder who's ever-reliable, available, and supporting you as you grow. When looking for a forwarder, you're also looking for a long-term business relationship. Follow our guide to find the right partner for your import-export business.

A forwarder that knows the industry well

When you're unfamiliar with a process, you want an expert to simplify it. Asking them the right question is key. Forwarders are specialists in catering to a territory or type of cargo or both. Say you export perishable goods and need a reefer container regularly. An experienced freight forwarder dealing with reefers will be ideal.

What to look for

  • Inquire about the transportation process for perishable goods

  • Know about the peak seasons and periods advised for early booking

Know about their highlights or incidents of praises

To every forwarder, they are the best in the business. But what do their customers say? How do they compare against the competition? At times even the upcoming forwarders may provide great service but may be unable to show the ratings like their counterparts. You may ask for incidents where they were quick to act and achieved success for their customers.

What to look for

  • Feel free to verify with a few of the customer references provided

  • Read the reviews of fellow importers and exporters who may deal with cargo similar to yours

Are they in line with technology?

The Covid-19 pandemic showed us that technology helps to navigate tough times with ease. A technologically-able forwarder is prompt and transparent in communication with his or her customer. Forwarders that prioritize customer experience adopt industry-leading solutions like Logi-Sys, which is an all-in-one freight forwarding software and logistics management.

What to look for

  • Ask how you can receive real-time visibility of their shipments

  • Know how they've managed customer service during catastrophic events

Can you count on them in your need?

Timely delivery is paramount in forwarding. Not all your shipments will be pre-planned. For this, you want your forwarder to have a strong network to get you container space even at the last minute. Committed and reliable forwarders will help their customers with urgent and timely delivery.

What to look for

  • In shorter lead times, ask them how they'd manage delivery

  • Know territories your forwarder is confident about so you can plan accordingly

Finding the perfect freight forwarder

A quicker way to find trusted forwarders is to take recommendations from fellow importers and exporters. This gives you safety and helps narrows your search. Newer and lesser-known forwarders have a customer-first approach using cutting-edge technology. Understand their offering and compare them with traditional forwarders to see who matches your ambitions and goals. Several forwarders adopting Logi-Sys have grown multi-fold and maintained superior customer experience. Look for a reliable forwarder with a proven record of timely and accurate deliveries.



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