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Introducing the Logi-Sys Certification Program: Gateway to Expertise in Logistics Management

  • Kickstart your career, grow in your professional journey through this program

  • Discover the 3 levels of the Logi-Sys Certification Program

  • Understand how as an existing Logi-Sys user, you can take your Logi-Sys usage to the next level with this certification program

In an era where digitalization and infrastructure advancements are driving remarkable growth in the logistics industry, the demand for skilled professionals has surged. Softlink Global, a leader in Software with a Service (SwaS), is at the forefront of meeting these emerging needs. Our response to this dynamic industry shift was the establishment of the Softlink Academy for Logistics & Supply Chain in 2023, inaugurating with the Logi-Sys Certification Program.

What is the Logi-Sys Certification Program?

The Logi-Sys Certification Program is a structured, multi-level course designed to enhance an individual’s understanding of the Logi-Sys application. With a structure spanning three levels - Operator, Specialist, and Professional - the program is tailored to incrementally build proficiency. From introducing the basics of the application to delving into its complex functionalities and offering control over advanced modules, the Logi-Sys Certification equips professionals at all levels to excel in the fast-evolving logistics industry.

3 Levels Within the Certification Program

The Logi-Sys Certification Program is an engaging and comprehensive journey through three distinct levels: Operator, Specialist, and Professional. Let’s look at the 3 levels briefly:

  • Level 1: Operator - This level lays the foundation, introducing the basics across modules like Customs, Freight, and Finance operations. It’s ideal for new users, providing a solid grounding in the system's core functionalities.

  • Level 2: Specialist - Here, the focus shifts to more complex aspects such as Add-ons, Administration, and Accounts. This level is perfect for users familiar with the basics and looking to delve deeper into the application's capabilities.

  • Level 3: Professional - The pinnacle of the program, this level imparts mastery over advanced modules including Transport, Warehouse, and System Configuration, catering to users seeking to become true experts in Logi-Sys.

Who Benefits from the Logi-Sys Certification Program?

  • Students and Professionals

The program offers students a practical and application-based learning opportunity, providing them with a head start in their logistics and supply chain management careers. Here's how students benefit:

  1. Practical Skill Development: Gain real-world skills for a competitive edge.

  2. Industry-Relevant Learning: Build a strong foundation in logistics software.

  3. Career Advancement: Secure entry-level positions with confidence.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry experts for future growth.

  • Logi-Sys Users in Business

Perhaps the most important usage of the certification program is for the existing Logi-Sys clientele. Management can empower their workforce with advanced Logi-Sys knowledge, driving efficiency and effectiveness in daily operations.

  1. New Team Members: The program starts with fundamental training, ensuring new employees can effectively use Logi-Sys from their first day.

  2. Existing Users: Tailored modules help existing users explore deeper functionalities, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

  3. Advanced Users: Specialized training for proficient users focuses on unlocking the full capabilities of Logi-Sys, fostering leadership in technological utilization.

  • Aspiring Partners

The certification program can become the first step towards becoming a trusted Logi-Sys sales partner, opening doors to new business opportunities.

  1. Sales Partnership Pathway: This certification is a critical step for those looking to become independent sales partners, providing deep product knowledge essential for effective selling.

  2. Business Growth Opportunity: Equips potential partners with the skills and understanding necessary to explore new market opportunities and strategies for business expansion.

Start Your Certification Journey

The Logi-Sys Certification Program is more than just a learning pathway; it's a gateway to advanced proficiency in a leading logistics management application. Whether you're aiming to enhance personal skills, empower your business team, or step into a rewarding partnership, this program offers the tools and knowledge you need.

Embark on your journey towards becoming a Logi-Sys expert today. For more information and to start your certification process, contact us at learnwithsoftlink@softlinkglobal.com



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