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FOUR Must-Haves in your Freight Forwarding Software's Support Service

When you have a query about a software solution you recently purchased, you expect an immediate resolution. In urgent cases, speaking to an automated voice or communicating with multiple people over multiple calls is more frustrating.

While it is easy to start with modern freight solutions, you could miss out on a critical feature in the post-go-live usage - the support services.

Many solution providers promise and deliver handholding during the implementation phase. But in the real world, when you require support services, those are either additionally charged for or not as per your expectations.

Have you been losing your cool over poor support service for your Freight Forwarding solution? Here are some tips to know the traits of a solution provider with excellent support.

1. Multiple channels for reaching out

From using landlines, we have moved to smartphones for mobility and convenience of communication. Accessibility to support systems too, has come a long way in assisting the users. Freight Forwarding solution providers must assist through commonly used channels like phone calls, email, and text chat modes. You must expect the service from your software support the same way that you service your customers.

2. The support team that can relate to your queries

After investing in a software solution for your freight business, you may be unable to reach the appropriate team for your queries. Although multiple modes of reaching out to support contacts are enlisted, you crave that personalized attention. Make inquiries into previous use cases handled by the team, so you come to know their past experience as well as the manner in which they deal with you. Logi-Sys, an all-in-one freight forwarding & logistics management software developed by Softlink Global, has prioritized customers' needs for nearly three decades. A good support team knows that the customer comes to them seeking clarity and help. A thorough and proactive support team does its best to alleviate the customer's troubles sooner.

3. 24/7 Availability Across Time-Zones

Your customers are global and hence you also encounter various time zones. If your customers face challenges with your solution, due to the varying time zones - the time from reporting the issue to resolving and notifying the customer - prolongs the inconvenience for your customer.

For example, you face a customs problem in the USA. You report an issue with your solutions provider. You would expect a resolution in the agreed timelines irrespective of the time of reporting. But it is night-time in the solution provider's country and the support team is only available after 5-6 hours. With Logi-Sys, each of your queries/issues is attended to within 24 hours of its reporting. In fact, Logi-Sys cites its 24x7 support as a key differentiator in the market. Doesn’t matter if you are in the USA, the UK, or live somewhere on the equator - you can contact a Logi-Sys support & implementation expert any time.

4. Support team domain expertise

Chatbots can mimic human behavior but cannot replace the warmth of human personnel. Artificial Intelligence automates many jobs and may even be able to resolve a query. But the act of having someone listen, and empathize with you in case of a challenge cannot be replicated.

Logi-Sys provides you the comfort of support executives that understand you and your business needs and can promptly assist you. A support representative with product and domain knowledge gives an extremely positive impression to the user, and helps them with an immediate resolution for their query, either through a direct solution or an assurance in some form or other.


A reliable, cooperative, and persistently available support system completes the picture in a freight software solution. Don't let poor support ruin the positive relationships with your customers. Follow our guide to whet your freight software provider's support services. Implement Logi-Sys now for a relieving experience in your ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Quick and proper addressing of issues about the freight software is the ultimate test for a solution provider. Ensure you ask the appropriate questions to the vendor when choosing your freight management software.



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