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Enhancing Shipment Visibility: Real-Time Tracking Solutions in Logi-Sys

The critical importance of real-time shipment visibility is not lost on freight forwarders and their customers. A few advantages of real-time shipment tracking are:

  1. Operational Efficiency: Real-time tracking enables proactive management of shipments, significantly reducing delays and enhancing route optimization

  2. Enhanced Customer Service: Provides customers with real-time updates, fostering trust and improving service levels

  3. Risk Mitigation: Immediate visibility of shipment status helps in quickly identifying and resolving issues, thereby mitigating potential risks


But despite these clear benefits, the ground reality presents a surprising situation - a March survey titled ‘The State of Visibility 2023’ among 260+ supply chain professionals revealed that 77% of survey respondents said that real-time shipment visibility is a must-have feature - but only 25% currently use it.

Two other very revealing data points concluded from the survey were

  • 87% of respondents identified "while goods are in transit" as the supply chain segment with the least visibility

  • 46% said shipment visibility is a mandatory requirement for their end customers (e.g., retailers)

In line with our approach of providing comprehensive solutions to the pressing problems of freight forwarders, Logi-Sys by Softlink Global offers a robust solution to this problem. By incorporating real-time tracking, Logi-Sys enhances operational transparency, making it easier for businesses to manage their freight forwarding tasks efficiently.


LogiTRACK, a value add-on to Logi-Sys, is a specialized tool designed to enhance the capabilities of freight forwarders by providing real-time visibility and tracking of shipments to their customers. LogiTRACK addresses the demand for transparency and timely information about the whereabouts and status of shipments.

At its core, LogiTRACK serves as a self-help portal that forwarders can provide to their customers. Customers of freight forwarders can access their secure portal with unique IDs and passwords, enabling them to monitor their shipments in real time​​, building transparency and trust between forwarders and their clients.

LogiTRACK is adaptable across various devices, ensuring customers can easily navigate and track their shipments regardless of where they are​​. It even offers a mobile app version, providing a more integrated and accessible customer experience​​.

Key functionalities of LogiTRACK that benefit freight forwarders and their clients include:

  1. Document Management: Customers can access all relevant documents and milestones related to their shipments​​, simplifying the process of keeping track of necessary paperwork.

  2. Invoice Accessibility: The portal provides quick access to all due invoices, ensuring timely payments and efficient financial operations​​​​.

  3. Direct Booking and Communication: Customers can send online bookings and shipment details directly through the portal, streamlining the shipping process​​​​.

  4. Efficient Shipment Tracking: Users can set filters and easily search for their shipments, ensuring they can efficiently track the progress of their cargo​​​​.

  5. Timely Alerts: The system offers alert pop-ups for each status shift in forwarding and custom clearing jobs, ensuring that customers are promptly informed about any changes or updates​​.

By integrating LogiTRACK into their operations, freight forwarders not only enhance their service offerings but also significantly improve their customer relationships. The real-time tracking and comprehensive visibility provided by LogiTRACK foster trust and reliability, key factors for success in the competitive freight forwarding industry.


In conclusion, LogiTRACK by Logi-Sys emerges as a critical solution in the freight forwarding industry, addressing the significant gap between the need for and the use of real-time shipment tracking. By offering comprehensive and real-time visibility into shipments, LogiTRACK not only enhances operational efficiency and customer service but also significantly mitigates risks. As the industry continues to evolve, the adoption of technologies like LogiTRACK will be pivotal in defining the future of freight forwarding, setting new benchmarks in transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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