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Customs Clearance Too Tedious? Here’s How To Simplify It Forever


Freight forwarders are increasingly looking to provide integrated forwarding solutions to their customers. For this, they are turning towards technology as their catalyst for progress in the long run. Trends such as big data, automation, AI, and IoT are already here, and are penetrating the logistics and the larger supply chain market with increasing frequency. For traditional freight forwarders, it’s bad news; for those with an acute bent of mind willing to dab in the latest innovations on offer, the future holds strong potential.


Right now, shippers are all too aware of the technological strides the logistics industry has taken. Especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, they are looking for forwarders who are also tech adopters. Doing so helps the shipper swipe the mess off his table, as he knows that a tech-based freight forwarder will provide him with a one-stop, all-inclusive solution & service range.

That is the ideal approach for shippers today. As far as possible, they want to keep their points of contact to a single forwarder.

Forwarders who understand this not-so-hidden nuance of providing all-inclusive services to their customers can leverage it to their advantage in a big way. Here is where Logi-Sys, an all-in-one freight forwarding solution that includes a highly developed customs clearance solution for Indian forwarders, comes into the picture.


To introduce briefly, Logi-Sys is a cloud-based solution that offers multiple opt-in modules for freight forwarders based on the scope of their services. Customs Clearance for India and USA are modules within Logi-Sys that freight forwarders can have access to, within the Logi-Sys framework.

Opting for Logi-Sys means that freight forwarders have all their data and information in one place - enabling them to handle sales, CRM, operations, financials, accounting, billing and invoicing, and customs - from a single platform.

Logi-Sys by Softlink Global has an established presence in 45+ countries, with over 4,500 LSPs finding value in the business application every day.

Here is how Logi-Sys by Softlink, built by international logistics and technology experts, can streamline customs management from a single easy-to-use interface:

  1. Any application environment can be integrated with Logi-Sys. The transfer of data becomes efficient and safe. Bank portals can be linked for secure transactions & receivables

  2. Logi-Sys facilitates complete regulatory compliance. Be it customs shipment registration or submitting compliant customs entry documentation, freight forwarders can rely on Logi-Sys for clearance processes

  3. Now there’s no need to undertake tedious calculations - Logi-Sys auto-calculates duties and taxes. The auto-calculations are accurate, as the system is completely up-to-date with the latest customs rules and regulations

  4. Close integration between the customs clearance and freight forwarding modules prevents duplication of data entries

  5. Speaking of integration, the Logi-Sys application supports any 3rd party system integration. For example, bank portals can be integrated for secure payments and receivables. Such integrations provide customers the much-needed effectiveness and security in data and cash flows

  6. Forwarders can file from any port from anywhere in the world. No physical presence and no manual form-filling is required of them

  7. Customers are notified of notifications from ICEGATE by Logi-Sys, hence the entire customs process can be conducted via ICEGATE within a single platform

  8. Logi-Sys is also supercharged with the Log-Sys Mobile App and an e-Sanchit AI bot, making it a complete freight and logistics management system.

Another encouraging point is that Softlink Global is always developing its products. Our innovation-first approach is one of the reasons that we have held our market leadership position for 20+ years. Our team works full-time to make the software smarter and more advanced by the day, and it’s paying dividends - even in this global recession, we are expanding our team and going global with greater velocity than before.

Here are a few of the benefits you can experience when you start using Logi-Sys:

  • Operational automation and efficiency - E-document filing from virtually anywhere adds speed and saves time on much of your previously heavy paperwork. Companies can reduce their operating costs by 30-50% when using Logi-Sys to conduct operations

  • Seamlessness and connectivity - Integration with other systems and working only within the Logi-Sys framework provides a seamless, connected experience

  • Secure data exchange - Compatibility with other operating systems via TradeCHAIN, a hybrid blockchain technology that acts as a digital intermediary between Logi-Sys and other Logistics Management Systems, means that your data transfer and interchange processes are very safe

  • Decision-making assistance - Dashboards/reports highlighting key KPI metrics prove valuable to the decision-making process of a freight forwarder. The options to customize reports, and view data points in visual-based styles like graphs are also available

With all these benefits and more, why not explore a permanent method to uncomplicate customs clearance processes forever?

Opt for a demo call with our solutions consultant. Help us out with your details and we’ll get back to you



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