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6 Innovative ways to track your cargo with Logi-Sys

When shipments move from a factory or warehouse to the port, on the vessel, and till it is delivered to the end customer, having complete visibility is essential to you and your customer.

Freight tracking helps keep you in control and your customer happy. But being unaware of your shipment's progress can impact your business from multiple ends. The ultimate damage can be losing a customer or hurting your company's hard-earned reputation.

There is a heightened emphasis on shipment tracking to cater to a technologically-aware customer base. Simply an estimated time of arrival does not suffice today's shipper. Providing the real-time status of shipments assures your customer that freight movement is moving as promised. Keeping track of your shipments and the processes supporting them allows you to maintain consistency in service and take action faster in case of any deviations. Successful global forwarders manage this crucial task of online tracking multiple modes with logistics management software.

What is online freight tracking and how does it work?

To move freight across cities and countries, your customers trust you, and you, in turn, trust your vendors. But trust alone is not sufficient to maintain good relations. Online tracking helps achieve both goals - establishing trust and maintaining good relations. By having complete visibility of your company's activities, you can ensure the timely movement of your shipment. Online tracking allows monitoring shipment status, either graphically or via alerts and notifications on the web and mobile platforms. Freight forwarders use freight management software like Logi-Sys to monitor the entire shipment life cycle from customs, ports, vessels and delivery. If your company is in total control of its internal processes, you can manage disruptions better.

Six ways to track your shipments online with Logi-Sys

81% of consumers in the 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report, say they want more self-service options.

It is no surprise that importers and exporters expect speedy service that answers the most asked question - "Where's my shipment?". Self-service portals and mobile apps are platforms where your customers can resolve their queries sooner. Without relying on human interaction or delayed information via email exchanges or phone calls, you're empowering customers to get things done faster. With Logi-Sys, you can track shipments in six ways.

1. Logi-Sys Web App

Logi-Sys is everything you need for customs clearance, freight forwarding, transportation, and warehouse packed in a single powerful web application. Manage and track air, sea, and land operations easily with the Logi-Sys web app.

2. Logi-Sys Mobile App

The app is for your personnel that is on the go. Update shipment milestones from the field, at the office, or even from home.

3. LS-Track - Web App

Importers and exporters can track their shipments via the LS Track web app. But does more than just tracking. Your customers can even view invoices for their outstanding payments.

4. LS-Track - Mobile App

With this powerful utility, your customers can track their shipments based on milestone updates. The app even allows directly booking shipments seamlessly.

5. Online tracking - Web App

Monitor your shipments as they complete their milestones. Apart from tracking status, your customers can send you documents for customs compliance.

6. Online tracking - Mobile App

Get the ease of tracking your shipment status at the tap of the smartphone. Your customers can approve or reject compliance documents like checklists, so processing can always move smoothly.

How to get started with freight tracking?

Customers today are inclined to find answers to their queries themselves. Empower your customers with Logi-Sys' suite of complete online tracking so they are always informed about their shipments. Be it a web portal or a mobile app, Logi-Sys customers always have complete visibility of shipment progress.



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