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4 Tools For Your Field Sales Personnel to boost their Productivity

It would amaze you that salespersons only spend about 30% of the time actually selling, according to a recent survey. It is no secret that a salesperson's profile involves some administrative tasks apart from pure sales. A sales rep part of the freight trade, is laden with more activities than a regular salesperson. Creating quotations, sharing reports with the management, and recording follow-up statuses are just a few administrative tasks.

Outstanding salespeople love contributing to business growth, but administrative work without the right tools affects their productivity.

A typical day for a freight sales rep comprises meeting importers and exporters that came in as an inquiry or lead, convincing them of opting for your services, and taking their details back to the office. The list of importers and exporters may be on a hard copy or a spreadsheet. Your rep asks interested shippers to email details to prepare the quotation. The details include cargo description, dimension weight, and ports of departure and arrival. To add to the complexity of quotations, your sales rep may require to share multiple times with corrections and other negotiations.

Pain points of a freight salesperson

A prospect rarely responds to a salesperson's very first outreach attempt. On average, it takes eight follow-up calls to reach a prospect. The long, tedious, and manual process does not let your sales reps perform to their best. As your shippers demand faster service, your quotations must reach them before your competitors target them. To summarize, a freight sales rep's sales pain areas are:

  • unable to track lead progress

  • long process to send new and revised quotations

  • share data with operations and management teams

In the below space, you can help bring focus and efficiency to your sales efforts and ultimately improve your revenue.

Marketing and Sales Lead tracking and analysis

In today's digital world, if you want good business, you must not expect it by sending your sales rep hard copies of prospect details. Equip them with integrated CRM, sales, and marketing tools even better have them work with freight management software. This gives your reps easy management of their leads, prospects, and follow-ups till they convert into customers. Easily set up follow-up meeting reminders and analyze your efforts so you can prioritize the ones that will close sooner.

A mobile app to communicate smoothly between teams

Exchanging phone calls and emails between team members is an obsolete communication method that lacks organization. A mobile app is a more suitable way to keep track of the progress of sales and operations. Milestones of shipment progress can be updated on the go with just a couple of taps on a smartphone. An in-sync database keeps teams on the field and in the office always on the same page.

Prepare Quotations Faster

A freight salesperson sends many quotations and revisions to prospects but not all are accepted. Few freight companies prepare quotations on a system, download and email them to prospects. This cycle can be taxing to conduct daily. With Logi-Sys, sales reps can prepare quotations or a revision within minutes and even email without leaving the system due to the integration with popular email clients.

Share status with management

Your management like to view all salesperson's activity and performance. Don't put an additional burden on your salespersons to compile their regular activities. Simplify the process for your sales reps to update their activity progress and make the same report available to the management. When employees focus on their core activities without the hassle of additional administrative tasks, it results in better business output.

Manage your sales reps' time wisely by adopting a top-grade freight ERP, so you can track everything in one place. No longer use bulky spreadsheets for rates and exchange emails revising quotes. Get the load off their backs and allow your reps to focus on closing faster and increasing revenue generation.



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