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Top 6 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Freight Software

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In your quest to become relevant in your competition, you have rightly decided to step up and upgrade your Freight Forwarding Software. At this point, you might have a fair idea of the challenges you want your new solution to resolve.

While going ahead with the vendors, you might want to understand how their solution could be a right fit for your organization. It is a good idea to know if the software provider's offering is in alignment with your goals.

How will the solution reduce your efforts? – is one of the typical answers you want to get, among the others for the vendor. Below are some of the answers you want to seek from your software provider.

How would I see a return on investment toward choosing a digital freight solution?

It is important to understand the role of every software or digital solution in the system. The full potential of your business is unlocked only when your expertise is combined with the power of technology. Thus, to obtain a full return on investment, your services must be well packaged with the features of the new software.

Eliminate generic solutions because they don't understand your requirements well enough. Custom-built solutions may be a good idea but they are high on development and maintenance costs thus prolonging your ROI. Your best bet is to opt for solutions that are industry-specific and have been trusted by fellow freight forwarders over the years.

How can the solution help me reduce my turnaround time?

Eliminate Bottlenecks, Delays & Duplication of Efforts with the Freight Management Software to reduce job turnaround time. With a master data in place, you would just need to pick a row from the list of pre-filled entities. That is a sure way to cut down on errors and even manual data entries. Increased turnaround time brings higher satisfaction to your customers.

One of my goals is to reduce costs. How can this be achieved?

Freight software has the capabilities to work efficiently resulting in the lowered requirement of direct manpower. Another advantage comes in the form of the cloud-based access provided. With cloud-based software for freight, you don't have to purchase additional hardware for your solution; yet another cost saver. By automating the manual freight processes, you can reduce a few related direct costs and save operational costs by up to 50 percent.

Could your software be compatible with our applications like our accounting solutions?

Your overall goal in implementing a new logistics software is to streamline all your processes. Having a single solution to view the data and performances of:

  • Multiple branches

  • Operations

  • Finance

  • Accounting and other functions

is the ultimate achievement. If you are still spending time and effort in exporting data from individual solutions just to compile branch-level reports, then Freight Management Software will be a savior. Besides, Freight software is built-in with Electronic Data Interchange, which means compatibility with most modern recognized solutions.

In what way can operational efforts be reduced?

Many traditional business owners still believe having disparate systems is efficient. If you are to provide information for your customer and inter-function use, it has to be done in real-time. This is possible with a centralized database of information that is in sync with every entry made via the Freight Solution.

All stakeholders are connected in one automated workflow with access to the same consistent data. With business rules in place, alerts can be configured to notify on any milestone completion or missed deadline.

In the case of individual solutions, each step of the process needs manual data exchange. The Billing function may need to send an email to the accounts function to initiate the next process. The manual process increases processing times and the risk of failure. Being fragmented, it is hardly possible to monitor and control the entire process across multiple point solutions.

But when you incorporate a freight software solution, the system handles auto alerting the next-in-line function and with the required data as well.

What is the best freight solution for my organization?

We are afraid you may be the best judge for that question. But in case you would like to understand how Logi-Sys – has been the trusted choice for over 1000 freight forwarders in 50+ countries – we are here for you. Logi-Sys' implementation team enables customers to get onboard within 5-6 days with a systematic implementation grid.



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