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How digital freight forwarders leverage technology

Did you know that it can take up to 2 to 3 days to get a quote for your cargo? Moreover, 60% of quote requests either do not receive a quote or need follow-up through mail or phone call. This is quite a common challenge for a traditional freight forwarder.

How long do your customers wait for the quote? Do you think your customers would wait days when they could get the quote in seconds from your competitors? Digital freight forwarders are entering the market armed with the latest technologies that are helping them to increase productivity and offer the best customer services.

According to a report published in the Valuates Reports under the Transportation & Logistics category, the global logistics market value was USD 7,641.20 billion in 2017 and expects to reach USD 12,975.64 billion by 2027.

Although the projection seems like a lucrative industry, many freight and logistics companies miss a significant portion of profits in comparison to their digital counterparts.

So how do digital freight forwarders leverage technology?

Digital freight forwarders are embracing technology by digitizing every aspect of their operations to provide better and faster service for higher customer satisfaction. All big players are automating and digitizing their businesses to improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs. Digital freight forwarders are reaping the benefits of advanced digital freight software to meet their dynamic customers' needs.

Let us understand how you can join the league of digital freight forwarders and stop your potential or existing Logi-Sys digital ERP platform customers switch to your competitors.

Instant quotation: With freight ERP platforms like Logi-Sys, you can instantly generate quotations, manage rates, create personalized quotations, and automate the process of following up with your customers. When you provide your customers with the fastest response to their quote requests, they are likely to book a shipment with your company.

Automated documentation handling: When you allow your customers to send and receive all documents with a simple click rather than involving in cumbersome paperwork, you provide a better customer experience. With Logi-Sys, you can store all the documents in one secure platform and avoid sending emails repetitively, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

Centralized data storage: Digital freight software like Logi-Sys allows data storage on a single centralized database. This helps all your departments access data from a centralized database across locations. You can share documents like bill of lading, customs documents, invoice, GST return, and other documents with third parties and your customers. Thus, you create an ambiance of trust and accountability within the company and your stakeholders.

Automated Invoice: By automating the invoice processes, you can increase accuracy and efficiency while substantially reducing costs. Logi-Sys, freight ERP allows you to save costs of approx. 40% by automating back-office and operations through digitalization.

Shipment tracking: Automated tracking updates you and your clients with the real-time status of the shipment and allows all the stakeholders to be on the same page. End-to-end shipment tracking not only enables you to gain the trust of your customers but also enables you to optimize the best routes and take corrective actions faster.

Data Analytics for Better Decision Making: Digital freight forwarders leverage technology to utilize data for cost-cutting, process optimization, risk management, and better decision-making. Data analysis gives you valuable insights to efficiently collaborate with your customers, partners, carriers and plan and better manage risk.

Better collaboration and secured data exchange: Freight forwarding involves working with various partners and coordination is challenging if you still depend on emails and phone calls in the current dynamic market situation. Working on a digital freight platform like Logi-Sys facilitates better collaboration with all the partners and allows seamless data and documentation exchange on a secured platform.

Technology being one of the major disruptions in the freight forwarding industry, becoming a digital freight forwarder is the need of the hour. This has become even more important as most of your customers have experienced a better and more efficient digital experience than your digital freight forwarding counterparts. Simply stated, it is high time you should embrace digital freight ERP like Logi-Sys to add value to your client, and also increase productivity and efficiency. Even though the industry started late in adopting technology but it has accelerated with the latest technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, cloud computing, and IoT. With all this digitalization in the industry, it is evident digital freight forwarders are here to stay, and the early adopters can reap higher space in the future.



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