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Freight Management System is an Investment, not an Expense

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Before we begin or start a new venture, we plan many things to gain the most out of our efforts. Projections and estimates are part of the plan to achieve increased productivity, profitability, and effectiveness.

For your plan to work as expected, you need your personnel and processes to work in tandem. The thread that ties them together is – technology. Logisticians and Freight Forwarders use much software and have been reluctant to opt for more effective one-stop solutions for logistics software.

For many, the common deterrent is that – modern software is a heavy-cost investment. But the correct way to see the incorporation of a trusted Freight Forwarding Software like Logi-Sys is that of a — catalyst for benefits and a platform to raise the bar of your business performance.

With your new software, you want to accomplish an increase in profitability and revenue as a Return on Investment (ROI). Let’s explore why Logistics Management Software can generate a better and quicker ROI.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Freight management systems help to increase operational efficiency through the automation of manual tasks and the best use of data. With a freight management system, you can automate tasks like generating bills of lading, assigning rates to shipments, or generating alerts when shipments get delayed or misdelivered. By automating manual tasks, freight digital ERP Logi-Sys can help you streamline your operations and reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks. The freight software can enable your employees to focus on higher-value tasks and provide them with the information and tools they need to be successful. A freight management system can also help you collect transportation data like origin and destination information, shipment weights, and the number of shipments. This information can help you improve your operations by identifying areas in your system that need improvement and generating insights into the overall health of your operations.

Real-time and centralized data

In the goal of benefitting your organization, you must be able to have visibility of various aspects of your operations. To begin with, all data, if not digital, leads to difficulties in searching and gathering for analysis. Logistics software solutions like Logi-Sys help you with readily available data for tracking and making the best use of it.

When you know the accurate availability of your assets, you are in a better position to execute freight movements for your customers. Real-time data access has been more crucial than ever, especially if the freight is of higher value or is time-sensitive. In an age where customers always wish to know the progress of their shipments, providing them with delayed information may not be very helpful.

Cloud-based systems reap the perks of data on-demand. The beneficiaries of instant data access are your internal teams, on-field officers, and customers. Freight management software eliminates the complexities of collating data from multiple branches and locations. Centralized data also prepares you to access real-time data from all devices:

  • be it via a laptop from home or

  • on-field on a mobile device

Automation to remove risk and errors

Many logistics and freight companies run into problems generated due to avoidable errors.

Technology does not aim to replace people but works as a catalyst to enhance efficiency from mutual strengths.

Logistics ERP Software Logi-Sys help you to automate the following:

  • reducing repetitive manual efforts

  • generating insights from historical data

  • providing useful data from market and customer trends

  • control revenue leakage and avail auto-generated invoice facility

When your personnel use software for logistics, you empower them to bring more efficiency to your operations. Auto-triggering alerts for your internal teams considerably reduce the coordination time they spend sending emails or making phone calls. A job done by the system also reduces the risk of fines and penalties due to incorrect details being manually entered or missed out. Lesser mistakes result in an improved bottom line, thereby justifying your ROI in the freight software.

Win loyalty with improved service

Your customers can provide you with a boost when you get repeat business or referrals. When you deal with volumes, it becomes tough to cater to supplying information like quotations, current shipment status, and even managing leads from your customers.

With your investment in Logistics Software, you have simpler yet powerful ways to satisfy your existing customers and gain new ones. Track and Trace are portals for customers to self-login and know their shipment status. Your customers can even subscribe to receive alerts on their phones.

Making it convenient for your customers to obtain information attracts their trust and loyalty towards you. Modules for Sales and Service in logistics software give you the framework to monitor, enhance and track the progress behind every prospect and lead. Monitoring leads with intelligent solutions gives you the edge. Thus, your spending on Logistics software like Logi-Sys gives you multiple pathways for returns on investment.

How do I get started with Logistics solutions for a good Return on Investment?

Freight management systems are dynamic, connected networks that can increase your operation’s efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk. By implementing a freight management system, you can track your shipments in real-time, manage your capacity, reduce costs and mitigate risk. Freight management systems like Logi-Sys help businesses remain agile and respond to change. It puts you in control and wins you more time to strategize for business growth.



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