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Container Management

Logi-Sys container management application integrated with operations allows you to track and manage containers including, Container Booking, Allocation, Tracking, and all other aspects of your operations effortlessly.

Container Management

All aspects of your own or leased/rented containers can be managed by the module making optimum utilization of resources possible.

  • Total Asset Management

  • Purchase to Scrap

  • Booking, Allocation, and Tracking

  • Own/Lease Containers

  • Container-Wise Profitability

  • Utilization Summary

Total Asset Management of right from purchase of containers to scrapping can be handled. Container Booking, Allocation, Tracking and all other aspects of your operations can be managed effortlessly.

The module is completely integrated with Freight Forwarding and other Logistics Operations and allows you to track and manage containers.

Detention and Damages can be handled along with maintenance of containers. The various Tests, Examinations and Repairs required can be managed and monitored.

The module provides container-wise Revenue Matrix and Job Profitability, and complete Container Utilization Summary.

Interfacing with mobile device technology, it provides real-time information and visibility of units in transit, as well as transparent overview of all movements.

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