Customs Clearance (USA)

This module addresses customs regulations and compliance requirements for US Customs.

AES: US Exports

The Automated Export System (AES) plug-in enables the US Customs filing requirements by sending the export shipment data electronically to US Customs via Logi-Sys. The shipment information once entered at booking level or house/master level gets directly available at the AES filing level, thus reducing data entry and avoiding any manual errors. Moreover the system is equipped to validate the data against the requirements stated by customs regulatory for efficient AES transmissions. Further, the ITN number received on acceptance gets associated at the shipment level for easy reference and to get printed on the required documents.

AMS: US Ocean Manifest

Ocean AMS is a solution built into our Logi-Sys application to comply with Customs’ 24-hour manifest regulation. The solution devised reduces the amount of time needed to submit the cargo declaration to the AMS at US Customs since you do not need to retype any information you already have at the shipment level. When you are ready to send your declaration, Logi-Sys runs a detailed validation procedure and shows you the fields that did not pass the validation, allowing you to fix the errors before sending the information to the US Customs AMS system.

ISF: 10 + 2 Security filings for US bound ocean shipment

Logi-Sys has been certified by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to offer Importer Security Filing (ISF), also called the 10+2 initiative. Logi-Sys has incorporated the ISF feature so you can easily transmit the shipment data to CBP. Similar to AMS, Logi-Sys gathers the information already entered in your shipment and places it in an ISF form for you. This speeds up the filing process and eliminates dual data entry errors. The software runs a validation procedure to make sure no vital data is missing. After validation, the transaction is transmitted to the CBP system. Notification from CBP is received back into the system and saved in the appropriate shipment for easy reference

Denied Party Screening

A “Denied Party” is any individual or company that has been denied exporting privileges by the U.S. government and cannot import into or export from the U.S. Failure to comply with these regulations is a violation of U.S. law and can result in fines, penalties, criminal or civil prosecution, and denial of export privileges.Log-Sys takes care of Denied Party Screening very efficiently. While creating any party/company the system automatically checks whether it’s being denied and there by allows the user to perform further operations. Additionally, there is a admin approval functionality wherein though any user can add a party, unless the admin approves the same it won’t get reflected at the shipment level.

Known Shipper Functionality

Logi-Sys is equipped with the Known Shipper Functionality, with a simple mouse click, additionally storing the reason codes and the respective references.

ABI/ACE Integration

If needed, Logi-Sys can be easily integrated with existing ABI system, else the same would be provided via our partner system, based out in US itself. Logi-Sys having a standard EDI interface guarantees any third party integration to be very effective in terms of quality as well as time.

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